Woman is an epitome of love, purity, compassion and courage. We have seen, read and heard of many such instances where women have time and again proven themselves in different areas of life to prove their worth in the world against the other gender.

Today women in me doesn’t want to prove anything to the world rather wants to ask the world, the society and to the women themselves.
Why do we need to prove at all?
I see more than anything else it’s our own society and culture making it difficult for women to lead an independent life. Today if I forget all the rules, boundaries and the cynicism that applies only to women and decide to live happily with a set of open minded people who treat each other equally, care about each other’s sentiments and value their opinion.. I think nothing else matters and there is no way out that I can be made to feel insecure, unequal or inferior in any other way. Neither do i need to prove myself for anything at all.
The biggest culprit in our society is the mindset of people that haven’t changed over the years.
Today, Women are much more educated than they ever were. They are earning their own bread and bringing name and fame to their families. They are capable of doing almost everything that a human mind and body does in the form of man. In spite of having a same human flesh, blood and brains .. women are asked to prove themselves as if they are handicapped in some way.

This is a shear mindset or a cultural barrier that has been set by few and is being followed by many just because it gives the other gender an ego boost and proves them superior. 
My next question is What makes men a superior human being ?
Kings felt superior when they went and fought the big historical wars to claim their victory over the others..But are men doing that today? Do we have kings anymore who have to prove themselves warriors and protect their kingdom?
The times have changed and so should we. Men don’t need to dominate women in order to feel superior. We understand your worth and don’t deny the fact that you complement us and your presence makes us feel even stronger. A man’s qualities of strength and courage can be appreciative if used appropriately and for the goodness of society rather than discriminating and abusing women.
If given a thought, Today’s times are the best when both men and women are capable of doing so much more with the education and awareness that’s been around for a while now and can easily fit into each other’s shoes as and when needed. It’s the love, care and helping hand that needs to go along in order for a better times for the generations to come.

Today, as a parent all I need to ensure for my child is good health, education, humanity, love respect and care irrespective of whether I have a girl or a boy child.

Where does the question of a gender even come from when we are dealing with humans who have the same mind and emotions? 

I would rather teach my child to be intelligent and independent enough to take a call and stand strong in difficult times. Loving, caring and sharing is something we start from the very beginning and these values go a long way even when they become adult and have a relationship to share with their partner. Just because the partner  is a women doesn’t change the way we live life or the way one need to be treated. Women doesn’t come with a pack of do’s and dont’s.
So before I am a women, a wife, a daughter I am a human being who has the same mind as men and capacity to think and reciprocate, the same heart that pumps blood in the whole body as in men. In fact if there is any need to prove superior … I as a women still win the game as I am also capable of giving birth to men. But I wouldn’t take that credit because that’s the way nature has created women and given her the strength to bare the pain to give someone a life.
Let’s respect nature for that and use the beautiful creation of God both men and women to the best of efficiency. Together we have the power to create wonders and bring the balance in life that’s ever needed.
We are both born to live together not to command or suppress each other.. It’s as simple as that. All we need is to share the responsibility, work for each other than against and respect an individual and their needs.
That is the answer to all the bad in the society. One has to bring in the change in their own family to reflect it on society. 
The #WomenInMe wants to make sure non of the stereotyped thoughts passes on to my kids and they have an independent thinking on the basis of ethics, humanity, values and treat everyone equally.

The #WomenInMe loves my father as much as my mother and truly believe both of them sacrificed in some way to raise me up and instilled values of love, respect and equality by being there for me as well as for each other.

The #WomenInMe loves the fact that i was raised along with two of my brothers and never felt any inferior to them as a kid. The women in me felt protected as they always stood by me.
The #WomenInMe feels so proud when my husband says “you are my strength” and whatever i am able to achieve today is with your help and support.
The #WomenInMe cherish the unconditional love I get from my little boy, who showers it without asking for anything in return.
The #WomenInMe feels blessed when my parents in law love me like their daughter and trusts me with the responsibility of holding the family together and shower their blessings always.
 I am proud to be born as a woman and will always love the woman in me in the form of a mother, wife, daughter, sister and a friend.
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