During the initial days of motherhood, I found a study that said that the average toddler hears the word ‘NO’ about 400 times a day! This came as a big shock and I took note of it and decided that I would make sure that I didn’t turn into a NO mum.
However, in no time I came back to saying No for reasons only a mother could understand. Guess, the instinct to protect our children comes naturally to mothers. Looking at my child get sick with every seasonal change got me scared and worried for his wellbeing. I then, took every possible measure and every suggestion that came my way just to ensure my little baby doesn’t fall sick often.

I found that all of a sudden, I started being over protective and it started to reflect in my daily life and parenting style. Here I was saying NO at every act that I thought could cause him a health hazard. From ice creams, juices, outside food, stepping out in monsoons, avoiding crowded places and much more… Every precaution that would keep him from falling sick was instantly taken. Little did I know that my fearful and over cautious behaviour was being passed on to my little toddler causing him to miss the little pleasures of his growing up years. Enter the #YesMom movement…


I happened to see this video where I could see my reflection in this mother who intended to shield her kiwith the best of intentions come to realise that her No’s have caused a big damage to her child’s mind, as kids feel left out, and restricted and have accepted it as the way of life. 
The video happened to be a reality check for me, I realised my overly-concerned behaviour towards my child is actually limiting his freedom. A child is best raised when he is let free without restrictions and is left to explore the world. 
It came as a shock to me that my No is actually doing more harm than good and limiting my child’s social growth and imagination. I began to question myself– “Am I telling my kid indirectly, that he isn’t safe in my environment, my own surroundings, among my own people? 
Isn’t childhood all about stepping outdoors, playing in mud and getting dirty? As parents, we love our children and look out for their safety but it should not be at the cost of limiting their curiosity and stealing their childhood of fun and excitement.
I realised a simple YES can make a world of difference in child’s confidence and behaviour. 
Here’s why I choose to be a #YesMom and take up the #YesChallenge and you should too!
• Yes is an affirmation and it gives a sense of opportunity when used while dealing with day to day situations with kids. 
• We, mothers, have to let go of the fear of protecting our children and set them free in the world so they get to explore and experience life– the good and the bad.
• Replacing our No’s with YES’s boosts the child’s confidence and encourages them to take risks and be a fighter, in the best possible sense of the word.
• Yes as an answer definitely strengthens the child and gives wings to their imagination and increases their curiosity. I believe their decision-making skills will improve as a result as they can gauge situations better.
• Children are more social and learn to make healthy relations with friends/peers.
• And most importantly, the word NO doesn’t lose its effectiveness when used seldom,and in situations when it’s really needed. 
It’s been my greatest learning as a mother so far and I take up the #YesChallenge and promise to give my child the best childhood memories that he would cherish forever. While I take up the challenge I have also taken a proactive step to build my kid’s immunity, something that keeps worrying me. So I have started giving my kid ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cipla. It comes in an interesting choco-bite format which provide upto 100% RDA of key Immunity nutrients. I urge all the mothers to come join the movement and give our children the best childhood we can. Mums, reading this, be sure to share this article and video with other mums along with your #YesChallenge story. Together we can welcome a whole new style of parenting and a unique approach to build our kid’s immunity
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