We might have conquered the world when it comes to technology but we are surely failures when it comes to humanity..

The number of lives that we have lost in the last few months due to scarcity of water, the basic need of a human life can’t be justified whatsoever .. It’s devastating to read farmers and villagers dying of thirst but not some incurable disease .. I don’t think it can ever become worst than this.

It’s been centuries mankind has come into existence and surprisingly we have come a long way with our science and knowledge. World has developed nuclear weapons, found cures to diseases like cancers but when it comes to fulfilling the very basic need of a human life, We are speechless and tongue tied.

Isn’t it hypocracy to celebrate 66yrs of independence when most parts of the nation are struggling for a drop of water. Farmers are suiciding because our government has failed to provide them with the right of drinking water for their basic needs. How ridiculous and shameful can it get beyond this.

The times have gone when we prayed to God of Rain and completely depended on nature for our basic needs. We have ways to preserve our natural resources and produce water through artificial rain .. However the power hungry haven’t learnt their lessons when it comes to saving it at the time of crisis.

There are countries who yearn for water all year long and struggle to survive. The years of living for people in dry lands is not dependent on anything else but how long their need of water is satisfied. They don’t strive to stay healthy .. They strive to get enough water to survive. They don’t have a choice of a bisleri or a better brand of filtered water.. They try and filter a few drops of water from a mud …

It’s time we see eye to eye with the gloomy dark side of the world we live in and accept the responsibility for  what it is . Our blue planet is no more able to suffice the needs of people.. Thanks to globalization. 

If we go by the stats by 2025 more than 1 billion people will be without water.

Today, nearly 1 billion people  in the developing world don’t have an access to clean, safe drinking water.

By 2025, there will be 1 billion more mouths to feed .. Are we ready for it yet ?

It’s unfortunate that water is considered an infinitely available resource and is wasted more than its used.

It’s sad to see people at different lands have completely different needs and dreams. We have scientists trying to reach out to the moon and the Mars in search of life and water… Wish they cared a little of those lives who die  everyday in search of few drops to satisfy their thirst and live a few more nights.

Wish science had an answer to these poor people’s needs of survival. We have been successful in fulfilling our big dreams of launching rockets to the moon and beyond .. But has anyone looked closely in the eyes of these poor whose dreams are nothing but to get  a handful of water without a struggle.

What is the basis of human success? It’s totally unacceptable to see humans need to survive has become more than a struggle while there are few living lavishly under the rich and famous.

Let’s face the facts –

We talk of peace, economy, education and rights .. The question is whose gonna give some unfortunate the right to survive .. ?

The power, the money, the intelligence and above all the humanity has lost its true meaning if it fails to fulfill the basic needs of humans.

It’s a big slap on the rich, famous and the most educated lot if they could do nothing out of all their abilities and grades. It’s a curse to be born as humans if one can’t live to get his hunger and thirst satisfied.

The nations who have rich resources of water must mourn that they did nothing to help the ones in need in dry lands and are dying every day in the hope of a miracle to happen one fine day ..

These questions and poor souls will always haunt the mankind in existence .. 

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