Play is not a luxury, it’s the important stuff that drives children to learn and
grow. It is the only way to engage them through various activities and get
the routine stuff done, that kids don’t find as interesting as play. From meal
time to getting them ready, every task gets easier when they are busy
playing. And a brand like PediaSure understands it well.

We were really excited when we heard of PediaSure’s new ‘Fun n Learn’
box with a DIY activity and didn’t even think twice before we went ahead
and ordered it.

As the box arrived, my little one could not wait to open and see what’s
inside, and the fun DIY surprise was enough to draw his attention. Now that he is big enough to read instructions, he enjoys doing such activities all by himself.

Childhood is all about fun and play. And I make sure while I allow my child
unlimited play, I don’t comprise with his health. PediaSure has definitely
helped me go a long way when it comes to boosting my little one’s
immunity. I introduced PediaSure to my child at the age of 2 on doctor’s
recommendation and since then there has been no looking back.
It’s impressive to see a brand that’s been our favourite for years get better
each day. The effort on the brand front shows clearly with their new
packaging where the focus is not just on the product but the child’s interest is kept in mind to #UnboxGrowth

This new pack with a fun activity inside is a great concept to introduce kids
to learning and creativity while they grow strong with PediaSure. The carton packaging has made it even more convenient to open and pour the
contents in a bottle and yet be useful for the child to engage with some
mindful activity. With a plastic ban initiated in most parts of India, it’s a
great move by the brand to come up with a paper made packaging, that’s
eco-friendly and can be used to build creativity in children.

We had great fun doing the activity as connect the dots made me nostalgic,
reminding me of my childhood days. Our experience of unboxing the fun and learn box is captured right here for you all, to see the amazing time we
had bonding through DIY activity.

Unboxing Pediasure Fun N Learn Box #UnboxGrowth

Why should you immediately order the PediaSure Fun n Learn box?

  1. The fun element is a great way to develop a child’s interest in this
    health supplement while they explore the activity.
  2. It’s a great way to bond with the child through the DIY activity while
    they drink their healthy glass of milk.
  3. Such activities are helpful in developing cognitive skills in younger
  4. It’s a great way to nurture a child’s creativity through fun games and
  5. Last but not the least a glass of milk with PediaSure tastes even
    better when there is a surprise element to it.

We had great fun doing the activity and making our own little DIY clock. When are you getting yours?

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