With an ongoing holiday season and the debut of 2017… there is ample of cheer, laughter, positivity, fun and hope in the air with everyone looking forward to a new beginning and a year full of hopes and surprises…

While we look ahead to the new beginning there has been some great moments of joy and excitement in the past year that can’t be left unshared.

Holidays are the perfect time to create moments with the family and loved ones. With Christmas began all the fun and what better time for kids to wish for their greatest possession and see them getting fulfilled through Santa. Decorating trees with Christmas decorations, wearing santa caps and writing letters to Santa are some amazing ways for kids to get involved in the festival. The glittering site of beautifully decorated streets, malls, houses with the Christmas theme is just impossible to resist.

I so look forward to taking my child to various places where he can enjoy the festivity of Christmas and keep up with his excitement …

This time, I got lucky as an invitation led me to Big Bazaar’s Kiddie Club that kicked off the Kids Carnival 2016 with a lot of zest and excitement across all its stores in the country starting December 10, 2016, until January 8, 2017


Yes! the year 2016 is gone by but the kids carnival is still on with all the fun and entertainment. 


The kids carnival is an exciting affair with loads of enthusiasm, thrill and fun filled activities for kids that ensures great playtime and learning at the Big Bazaar stores apart from offering a huge range of kids toys, kids fashion clothing spread over the large section of the store. All this and more during this festive time makes Big Bazaar’s Kiddie Club an ideal place for kids that keeps them fully engaged while the mothers can easily shop around for different stuff 
available at very discounted prices.

The whole concept behind the Kiddie club is designed for our little children aged between 3-12 to make the most of it by showcasing their hidden talents and pursue their hobbies through various activities conducted at stores.

Going shopping would never feel boring as it sounds to kids. I know how difficult it gets when mothers want to go shopping and kids turn up that bore face which is a straight no for them. 

With an awesome idea like a kiddie club can turn shopping into a fun time for kids and offer them a fabulous quality time while one has a choice to indulge in shopping and exploring the new stuff at the store. 

I had a fabulous time along with my son who indulged in various games and got a chance to play with some of the newly introduced toys that he aspires to add to his collection. To be able to pick and play with what ever they desired from a huge range of toys was truly exciting and fun for kids.

Here are some fun moments we had with kids and moms at the #BBKiddieClub

One of the key highlights of the kiddie club carnival is the “ChotaBheem” competition where children can win a chance of getting featured in Chotabheem TVC. Nothing can be as exciting for kids to be able to meet their favourite heroes and get featured with them is like a cherry on the cake.

Bigbazaar kiddie club also introduces a kiddie club card for its little shoppers that accumulates points as they shop and that can be used to participate in various activities..

Future Group is credited with creating some of the most popular retail chains in India and Big Bazaar is ranked amongst the top 3 service brands in the country. Big Bazaar has so much to offer at great discounted rates without compromising on the quality of the product. It delights its customers by adapting innovating ways keeping in mind the changing lifestyle and introducing services and products as customer desires.

Inspite of new retail stores opening every other day, Big Bazaar is still the most preferred and trusted  store for family needs.

With the huge range of products it gives enough choice to pick from and with the addition of the latest stuff every now and then makes it a choice worth the money.

Time spent at Kiddie Club was very fulfilling for mums as well as kids as they had a great time learning, playing and engaging in some awesome stuff especially curated for kids enjoyment. The friendly and courteous staff  added to the fun quotient by being available to kids and ensured nothing comes in a way when it comes to kids playtime…

So parents if you haven’t been there yet, it’s time you head on for the carnival to give your child an experience that they will cherish this new year … and you will get a whale of time for some fun shopping at store …

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