Grandparents hold our tiny hands for just a little while but our hearts forever.”
My childhood memories are full of beautiful moments spend with my grandparents. I still remember how we would wait for our summer vacations to begin so that we could be them. 
The only place where my mom wouldn’t be like a mom but more relaxed as my Nani would handle everything with lot more ease. We would love spending time with her and tell her things that even my mom wouldn’t know. 
Today I miss my grandparents so much especially my Nani who I was very close to. Her stories were way too inspiring. She would crack us up into bits of laughter and we would laugh like friends. The only person I was comfortable being around even at very young age were my grandparents. When I had them around I wouldn’t look even for my mom. Such was their love and compassion. 
Today I aim for the same kind of bonding for my child too. Infact today we can do so much more than visiting them just once or twice a year which wasn’t possible at our times. 
Today kids can be connected through phones, Skype and even give a frequent visit to surprise them which wasn’t an option in those days. 
Kids should be taught to love and have that respect for their grandparents no matter what. It’s so fulfilling to see my child bond with them and laugh with them. The immense love they get from their grandparents is incomparable and means so much more than I ever thought. 
It feels so good when you see your child’s love for them even more.. I like it when my son says he loves his grandparents the most in this world. Trust me it’s  overwhelming to see that love and respect coming from our kids for our own parents who have been the centre of our world all our life.
If I had my grandparents today, I would do everything possible to make them happy and feel on top of the world. I would treat them to the best of foods they love, would take them to all the beautiful places around. Make them try the new trendy clothes and feel young. Spoil them with the technology and games that they never had in their times. The list is endless. 
Well if you want to do something innovative and win their hearts one more time.. Take a look at this video and remember your old friend who stood by your side all along.
I know I can’t do all this for my grandparents but my little one can make his grandparents day by calling them and wishing them Happy Grandparents day. He made a little card that he showed them through video chat and promised them to bring along when he visits them. Grandparents are the kindest souls we have around who have whole lot of blessings, love, advice and support to give us and expects nothing in return. 
Isn’t it amazing that a small gesture by my son brought such a big smile on their faces and brightened up their day. In return he got so many blessings and happiness that is going to stay with him forever. 
These little moments of happiness are to be treasured. Being the eldest in the family their word of advice and support matters a lot and we must seek their blessings at every step of life. 
These are the teachings that I would want my child to imbibe and as he grows up, hope he brings a world of happiness to their feet and make them proud with his deeds. 
Ps: Since we couldn’t do much being away from them, We sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a handwritten note and a card made by my son. Hope this little idea suggested by their grandchild light up their mood and day #LoveJatao
Sharing a moment from many such treasured memories that my little one will cherish all his life.



I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.


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