The word “friendship” has lost its charm today. There are very few who understands the meaning of real friendship in true sense. It’s a bond that you share with someone who stays by you even when no one else does.
In the world of technology, when every one is going digital…. Relations have lost its essence and the mutual understanding & commitment we had in relationships earlier has been effected immensely.
In a fast paced life, people have no time to nurture any relationship… Be it a family or a yaari/dosti. With the arrival of Phones, which once appeared to bring people closer are the biggest cause of rift and distance between people today. The comfort of being able to reach out to anyone at anytime is the sole reason people are drifting apart from each other eventually staying away from their loved ones in the hope to connect through phones.
Let’s be honest and ask ourselves… When was the last time.. Did we Share a Hug with our friend/ friends?
Merely tying a friendship band cannot uplift your yaari/dosti but sharing a hug definitely can. It’s important to celebrate responsibly the bond that you share not just the day.
Earlier where people looked forward to visiting their families and meeting up with friends, Today it’s least expected and the bonding is done over a chat or a phone call. The need of physical presence is not felt among relations anymore. Which indeed is a big reason behind the growing distances among family and friends.
In today’s times, one might have a huge contact list but to call someone a friend takes more than just exchanging phone numbers.We tend to call every acquaintance a friend, which indeed is not true.
The real definition of friendship has changed over the period of time, however it will never lose its importance and it’s worth.
“One loyal friend is worth a thousand relatives”is a well written quote by Euripides. It’s not surprising to see some friendships last forever and prove to be stronger than the blood relations too. Friend is a family that we get to choose. Friend is the one who brings out the best in us. They are the ones who stay along and show their support and trust us even when the rest of the world walks away. They can be the pillars of strength and stand by us in the hours of need.
It’s the most transparent relationships of all.. Where you can openly express your heart, show your weaknesses without being judged. True friends might not be there to celebrate your happiness but will definitely be there in your moments of grief. 
Well, it’s a blessing to have a friend and a friendship that lasts forever. As we move on in life we make friends at different stages and lose connect with them as we move on.. But there are some who remain close to our hearts inspite of not being in touch always. In our hearts we know who our true friends are and these are the once we can count on no matter what.
Most people focus on having friends but it’s equally important To Be A FRIEND. Expectations at times can ruin a relationship, However like any other relationship .. Friendship takes its due time to grow fonder and stronger. It goes through the testing times and the ones which survive the testing waters … Stays forever.
Friends are the ones we take granted for easily, but not to forget these are the people in our lives we must respect, cherish and stand for in the times when they need us. Just to have someone on your side can be a great support and encouragement when everyone else’s gives up on you.
I feel it’s a blessing to have someone we can call a friend. And if you are the lucky one to have someone stand by you…. It becomes our moral duty to take out time from our busy lives and celebrate responsibly to let them know for who they are.
Share a Hug with your friends and let them know, you are there for them and will always be … A bare hug can do what no technology ever can.
So let’s celebrate responsibly and set an example of real yaari/dosti for others to rejoice the most affordable relationship in the world.



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Disclaimer: This blog is meant for audience above the age of 25 years.

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