Kids become not what we want them to but what we are to them. It won’t be wrong to say that kids in most cases are just the mirror image of their parents. From the time they are born till the age of six, they have a great sense of observation and their ability to imitate helps them learn and adapt to the world.

Kids are best at learning new things because of their curious nature and ability to get accustomed. Inspite of being blessed with such miraculous inner strength and will..

Why do some kids lag behind when it comes to their confidence and self esteem ??

One thing that can cause hinderance in their learning can be a fear of failure and Parents lack of
patience and support.

We all need a boost irrespective of our age or task we are trying to achieve. To get the best in a child or an adult is to show confidence in whatever milestones they are trying to reach..and that needs lots
of boost of morale through the words of appreciation and encouraging behaviour.

Many a times we as parents fail to understand their way of doing things differently  …we end up forgetting they are at this tender age that’s far from perfection… Infact the beauty of this age is they never give up…and their curious minds help them learn from mistakes over and over again…

Appreciation is the key word in parenting. We must not forget to appreciate the efforts put by our
little ones….whatsoever may be the end result. The kids who are appreciated time and again and see a
positive response from their parents inspite of failures… end up becoming the most confident children
and keep the courage to try different challenges in life.


Few words of appreciation can do wonders not only for your kids but also helps build a bond  between a child and the parent.

After years of togetherness … We even forget to appreciate our partners and their achievements or
may be little things about them …which once brought them closer… Infact those little things that go unnoticed now are the biggest reasons of  distance and monotony between the partners.

I simply feel we all yearn for appreciation in any form …be it work, looks, personality or just a thought… a word of appreciation or a simple complement can make you feel so much worth it. It makes you feel that your efforts have been noticed and the thought gives a boost to ones mood and
brings joy and pride.

We want to be appreciated in all spheres of life in different roles we play ….Be it at work, at home, as a mother, father or more….

What restricts us from appreciating not just others but ourselves too??

We become so consumed by our own fixed thoughts, ideas, reactions, behaviours that we stop bothering about others feelings, emotions and needs …so does others. In order to like and appreciate others one must be sensitive to others needs n open-hearted…many people envy when it comes to seeing others in a better place than them..

Infact this unhealthy competitive spirit is neither going to be appreciated by others nor its gonna do any good to us.

We must learn and practice this art of appriciation in our daily lives …be it with our kids, family
friends or even enemies…Hahahah (might turn them into friends)

I revived this long forgotten art when I became a mother..and felt the need of being appreciated for my own efforts… I gradually realised that appreciating my chid for the simplest of things he tried doing made a huge difference in his approach towards learning…and added to the fun.

Why is it so easy to appreciate a child but not an adult??

A child’s innocence makes us spill our heart out and we can’t keep ourselves from showing our love in abundance… as we get more in return, regardless of any ego and expectancy… However our expectations vary when it comes to an adult and we choose to ignore the fact that there is a room for appreciation.


Appreciation is an art that needs to be practiced with our friends, family and ourselves too as it doesn’t come easy.. Our kids will pick this art by watching us do it everyday and will remain grateful life long for giving that extra sense of realisation and expression through gratitude.


The most beautiful thing about Appreciation is it works both ways …We can.. not only bring a smile to others but to ourselves too …as it feels equally gud to compliment others as it feels to be complimented.

So let’s get addicted to this life changing tool and uplift someone’s mood and make their day… People will treasure fond memories forever.Simple things like love,  kindness, grace and gratitude can go a long way in making this world a beautiful place to be …

Spread positivity among young ones through praise and recognition.. It’s the only way to bring out the best in kids. A positive enforcement of ideas along with little words of appreciation not only teaches them to value what they are today but also gives them an extra sense of confidence and trust that they can take over the world tommorow.

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