As a kid did you ever wish to explore the world? If yes how many of us would have got lucky to be able to do so.

Travelling is fun, it’s indeed the best form of learning however it isn’t practically possible to travel every existing country. But when it comes to kids and their global exposure we don’t want our kids to lag behind either. So what’s the easiest possible way out?

How about if I say you have a choice of exploring the world sitting within the comforts of your beautiful home and keeping your kids engaged at the same time with some fun learning and play. Sounds interesting isn’t it!

Yes I am about to share something that will not only satisfy your desires of travelling the world but will also provide you a hands on experience of living those moments as a traveler.

I have tried many activity boxes for my child but believe me the concept of exposing kids to different countries caught my eye. This is definitely a brilliant way for kids to explore the world and get them to learn as they play. ..

So when I decided to collaborate with the Globe Trotters Box  to review their product, They send us a box of our choice that we picked from the rest. Though my boy had a tough time picking one, he was too excited to see them all but we decided to go with Australia for now.

Globe Trotters” as the name suggests takes your child on a journey around the world through their uniquely designed activity box..  which is a great way to introduce children to different countries in the world.

So here we go on an adventurous journey through the Australia Box that arrived at our doorstep.

Here’s how the box looks from the outside. My little one jumped with joy at the first look of the box and couldn’t wait to know what’s in there?


This time he jumped even higher to see the very well placed postcard, welcome letter and a passport right beneath. Well I wasn’t surprised as I myself was equally thrilled to see a old styled vintage letter welcoming us to Australia. Addressed by the Globe Trotters mascot Moozoos Oyo,Wak and Zu the letter shared information about the country and also a brief of activities that we can look forward to doing in the box.


Check out the passport that looks pretty awesome for a child to own one. Not that he doesn’t have one but how many times do they get to play with the real passport. He was so excited to fill in his details and started looking for his pic to stick in there. And I can see how it feels to carry a passport while you are all set to explore another country.

Looking at the contents of the box I can clearly feel the amount of time and thinking that must have gone in designing the box. Globe Trotters Box have made sure they give a child an experience of the place they are exploring through the activities that are the part of the box. Every activity is country based and makes sure it’s an overall learning for your little child.

I will take you through all the activities that came along the box and how did we fair in all of those.

Colour Your Own Boomerang Art Kit

To begin with we learned the natives of Australia are called ‘Aboriginal‘ who have been living there for thousands of years. Boomerang is the weapon used by these native people to hunt animals, whereas it’s also used to decorate using colourful dots and patterns that specifically referred to as ‘Aboriginal art’.


My little one tried his hands at new form of art that he got introduced to through Australian’s native that is specifically referred to as Aboriginal art. While colouring his own in the given pattern was fun for him, He enjoyed using it like a boomerang in his own creative style.

Throwing it in a particular style over his toy animals and enacting to hunt them in Aboriginal style.

Make your own Mini Aquarium Kit

Australia, the largest island in the world is home to Great Barrier Reef. Hence Mozoos send us this beautiful looking kit so that we make our own mini Aquarium containing marine animals and fishes.


This was an easy and interesting activity that my son could do independently and was very happy to show me his little Marin world that he created with ease. He has placed this cute little mini Aquarium on his study table and planning to add on more shells that he could easily collect during our next trip to the beach.


Make Your Own Rainstick Kit
‘Rainsticks‘ are aboriginal music instruments made from hollow pipes that sounds like a rainfall. This was the prettiest to look at and honestly I couldn’t guess looking at the material that it’s gonna turn into some kind of music instrument.
This activity needed some craft work and decoration. With my little help my son was able to make his own beautiful looking ‘Rainstick’. A very good activity to improve child’s fine motor skills and enhance creativity.

 That wasn’t all !  He also insisted on dressing up like an Australian native and sang some songs trying to match up with the music that his rainstick created. Will reveal the look soon .. until then
keep going! 

Aboriginal Symbol Sudoku Puzzle

These symbols are used by natives of Australia to tell a story of their culture. Each symbol has a meaning and can easily convey a message if used correctly.

The activity needed us to stick the symbol stickers on each wooden piece and than solve the different patterns of sudoku puzzles given in the book.


This was an awesome activity. Different from the rest of the activities that threw a challenge at him of solving the puzzles and he loved it. Initially he found it a little unusual but once he could solve the first puzzle, it became more of a fun activity and he ended up having great fun.

Australian Map and Flash Cards 

This was another awesome activity that my child loved. Since he is learning about maps and different locations in the world, this got him interested.

 Locating different places, animals, monuments and famous landmarks on the map given in the flash cards surely enriched his knowledge about Australia. Now he knows every single detail about this largest island in the world. I am super happy to see him learn so much while at play.


Premium Wall Sized World Map and Stickers 

He was truly enthralled to see an illustrated world map. We have already placed it on the wall right next to my little reader’s study table.


We had a globe at home but map of this size was on my mind as he is already started with maps and learning about different locations. We had fun playing games asking each other to locate different items from the world map key. We ended up having so much fun doing this activity and it was a great way to spend time together as a family.

Australia Souvenir 

After all the fun, Globe Trotters surprise their little tourists with a souvenir. And here’s ours that arrived with the Australia Box, “A Koala Mask


This was a very thoughtful addition to the kit. How can one’s travel be complete without a souvenir. We might have collected many but this certainly belongs to my little boy. He was all happy and excited to have his own koala mask that he can wear all day long.


                                                                   My Review

  • I personally loved the box and more so the concept behind to expose kids to different cultures and countries in the world
  • A very well planned and designed keeping in mind the basics like a welcome letter, a passport makes a great impression on the child who feels important and it gives a real feel to the whole idea.
  • The premium sized world map along with the country map is the perfect way to get kids interested in geography and map reading that eventually helps them learn and locate various countries and continents on the map.
  • Activities are designed keeping in mind the different aspects of the child’s imagination and learning, focusing on areas like art, craft, DIY and number puzzles that enhances creativity, fine motor skills, imagination, memory building and most importantly learning about the world.
  • Activities are child friendly and age specific that can be done independently except at some places where parents might want to join in the journey and encourage the child in their creative ways.
  • The box provides all the material that’s required for the activities included along with easy instructions followed by pictures stepwise for child’s understanding.
  • As far as the learning goes, the country specific details helps the child to visualise the country, its culture and people. It gets the child interested in learning more about the country and surrounding places.

I definitely recommend this activity box to parents who are looking for something different from the regular activity boxes. It’s a complete new idea that promises loads of fun and learning.

In fact, I myself would like to explore the other countries along with my child cause we had super fun while touring Australia.

                                          Highlights of our journey to Australia


The Globe Trotters boxes are also available for other countries including US, UK, France, Egypt, Japan, France, Italy and Greece. These can easily be subscribed either on a monthly or an yearly subscription.

For further details you can visit their website

So hurry up! and surprise your little one at home with this exciting activity box by Globe Trotters and let their holidays be full of fun and learning. So Lets Create Play Learn!


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