Pampers has been caring for the world’s babies for more than half a century and in turn has grown to become one of the biggest brands of P&G’s. Pampers take great care in developing products that benefit babies all over the world. Their commitment and dedication towards bringing up happy and healthier baby has inspired them to launch its latest campaign “IT TAKES 2” highlighting the importance of inclusive parenting and the role it plays in a baby’s holistic development.


The whole idea behind this campaign “IT TAKES 2” again lies in the interest of babies at the core. The thought that ‘involvement of both the mother and the father in baby chores is essential for the cognitive, social as well as emotional development of the baby’ is primarily the purpose of the campaign.


The survey held with 432 parents during the campaign “It Takes 2” brought out some startling facts on parental behaviour.

97% moms believe that IT TAKES 2 to raise a happy, healthy child.


97% doctors believe involvement of both the parents is a must for baby’s development.


90% moms want their husbands to be more involved in Baby Care.


88% moms agree that their husbands hesitate to change diapers.


The most shocking facts of all that says “88% dads believe that baby chores primarily need only the moms involvement” needed an instant action to break away the social stigma attached with men taking up baby care duties.

In order to bring in the change in our society and break the stereotype, Pampers held a bloggers meet along with the panel of experts that lead to an insightful discussion on the significance of inclusive Parenting, scientific facts and their personal experiences of baby care.


Miss Banu Ismail, Psychologist, Child Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst emphasised ‘the role of a father helps to separate the symbiotically bonded mother infant pair and provide emotional support to the mother who can in turn emotionally support the baby‘. She also said there are evidences that suggests that fathers are biologically no less sensitive to infant signals than mothers.


Research suggests that on an average “the presence of an active, nurturing father is likely to be beneficial to many aspects of a child’s development”.

Dr. Avinash De Sousa, Consultant Psychiatrist and psychotherapist said, “Both parents play a vital role in the growth and development of a child. It is their ‘presence’ which is far more important than their ‘presents’. The touch and warmth of both the parents develops a strong bond between parents and toddler in early years of growing up and stays forever”.


He also emphasised, In this era of globalisation and digital lifestyle, TIME is an important investment that parents need to make for an over all development of a child.

Pampers also demonstrated its Pampers Premium Care Pants
that are so soft & dry that your baby will hardly notice them. These pants come with an all around soft waist band and great dryness feature that absorbs wetness and leaves the pants dry for 12 hours. Infused with baby lotion it protects the baby skin from irritation, redness & nappy rashes and has a unique feature called wetness indicator that turns yellow to blue indicating parents that it’s time to change.


These unique pair of Premium Care Pants makes it easy to change the baby’s diaper even for fathers who hesitate to do so. Also 86% moms feel changing a diaper can help fathers bond with their babies in a great way.
The prime focus of the event was to change the perception among men and women in our society when it comes to parenting. It takes 2 to make a baby and therefore it takes 2 to raise a baby. It was a great interactive meet where mommy bloggers came up with different perspectives and shared their personal experiences and how their husbands involvement made life so much easier and took the pressure off them.


We have come a long way when it comes to fathers involvement in parenting. More and more fathers are coming forward and willing to share the baby chores. Though it comes naturally to mothers, fathers need to go an extra mile to learn to do few things that they hesitate to do out of fear for the baby.

Moreover it’s the Indian society that needs to change the way we bring up babies. Many a times it’s looked down upon men who want to help their wives in baby chores. The social stigma that our society carries about men doing the dirty job of cleaning up the mess and being engaged in child care duties need a new perspective.

The mindset has to change and the owners lies on all the moms who are raising boys to ensure they are taught to do anything and everything that a girl child can do. When it comes to taking responsibility they shouldn’t step back rather take it up with pride.

I am sure this great campaign rather a movement #ItTakes2 by Pampers in association with mycity4kids will bring a very positive change in our society and the way men look at parenting.


So, here I suggest ” A Happy, Healthy Baby Needs Both Ma &Pa”


*The article is previously published at mycity4kids
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