“Motherhood is the most exhausting, emotional, rewarding and a life enhancing journey a women can take“. By Charlotte Pearson

However this exhausting journey can be made smoother and beautiful if the choices we make for our baby are right. Well it ain’t as easy as it sounds. With all sorts of suggestions knocking your door after you deliver your baby, it can be overwhelming for the new mom to make choices that suits the baby best. We all go wrong with various choices and there is no denial to the fact that each day comes as a new learning and we get better by each passing day and eventually become the best judge for our babies.

Wipes are indeed the most important and most used product for the baby from the time they are born. It’s just impossible for mothers to manage a baby without wipes. However a wrong choice of wipes may lead to uninvited infections and irritated skin in babies.

How does it feel when your wipe is 99% water ? I am sure nothing can be as safe as pure water for neonatal skin care. Mothersparsh, India’s only brand that introduced first time water wipes has gone a step further and by launching a new variant of 99% water wipes for baby’s having sensitive skin .

You would be completely satisfied with these new wipes that promises to be the most accepted product among mothers. Here’s why I am in love with these 99% water wipes. Read through and you will know what makes it superior in quality when compared to any ordinary baby wipe-

1. Medical grade cloth – These new mothersparsh wipes are purely made from plant derived fabric that gives a cotton like feel to the baby skin. These all natural wipes are non reactive on baby’s sensitive skin and leaves the skin smooth and non susceptible to skin allergies.
2. Extra thick fabric – The new wipes are 3 times thicker then the ordinary baby wipes making it extra gentle to suit sensitivity of neonatal baby skin. The extra thickness feels more delicate and soft on the baby skin.

3. Unscented/Chemical free – These wipes are free from any kind of fragrances or chemicals making it ideal for baby’s use. These 99% water wipes are parabens and alcohol free, with no use of any harsh scents that could cause any discomfort to the new born.

4. Moisture Lock Lid – The sealable sticker along with the plastic lid secures the moisture for long hours and maintains the freshness of the wipes. It’s easy and comfortable made makes it an ideal choice for mums to carry while on the go.

5. Suitable for hand, face and body – These wipes provide all round protection to your baby. These can be used anywhere on the body including the face and hands to keep the baby clean and free of germs at all times.
6. Dermatologically tested – These water wipes are highly safe with 99% water content and are hypoallergenic. The plant based fabric makes it the safest choice for babies.
7. Biodegradable wipes – Last but not the least these wipes are natural and 100% biodegradable causing no harm to our environment. That’s indeed a great thought that went behind the making of the product.

If you are a new mother struggling to provide the best skin care protection to your baby, look no more. These wipes are available in a pack of 72 pcs baby wipes at the price of Rs. 299. With the newly innovated ‘Unscented 99% water wipes‘ by Mothersparsh you can never go wrong as it promises to be gentle and care for your new born like a mothers pure love.

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