Cleaning out my closet is one of the toughest jobs that I find to do. I have time for everything else in life but whenever it’s comes to arranging my wardrobe … I just have no time! N how would I ? It’s a day long job to sort my clothes starting from the ones I haven’t worn in ages but can’t part ways with them 🙁 They are too damn special for me. Then there are ones I don’t fit into but still occupy my space cause I dream to fit into them some day ..!

Finally after delaying it for like ages, I decided to sort my closet and there were some deep hidden clothes that saw the light of the day. After sorting out from tops to bottoms to old ones to new-ones to fitted ones to loose ones.. I  decided to give few of my old favourites away and kept them aside. But soon was back to square one as I changed my mind..  I like them all and I want to wear them but how? That’s when it clicked and the idea worked like wonders for me.. Now I knew exactly what I am gonna do with the clothes I like but still don’t like … You know what I mean!

Why not cut off what I don’t like anymore to give it a new look… must give it a try!

Now of course I didn’t want to try my hands at something new and spoil it. Best was to pick an old top or my hubby’s t shirt for that matter and try creating something new.. sounds great!
So here I go.. This was an old t shirt I picked! Oops I forgot to click the one I cut.. Even I didn’t believe it would be worth sharing with you guys looking at my cutting skills initially..

So this is exactly how it looked in shape and size- A large men’s t shirt.


Since this was my first time at cutting.. and experimenting.. I myself wasn’t sure what its gonna look like .. Wanted to keep my experiment to the minimal and went ahead cutting cautiously.. Little lessons from my school days did help me though .. Thanks to SUPW classes which i hated the most then 🙂
TA- DA and it’s ready in not even 10 minutes:))
I tried it out and couldn’t believe my eyes..

Check it out for yourself to believe…





So here it is my new cut out ‘off the shoulder top’ !



Yay! I did it and did it pretty well:))

I loved the new look of this old t shirt.. simple,casual yet stylish..!! OMG I am gonna try more and more and more of this … lol!

I wore it to my kids school to show it off to other moms and guess what they loved it too and had no clue that its an old Tee revamped into new..

Do let me know how did you like my very first DIY experiment with off the shoulder top? 
and Be Ready to check out my future posts to see what have I created so far

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