Someone was really sane to say it takes days, weeks, months n sometimes years before our thoughts start taking its shape n become a reality. Here I am a live example of slow n steady wins the race ….

It was an out of the world feeling to become a mother but not to forget equally had to deal with everything for the first time and couldn’t afford to take a chance cause a life was at stake even if a smallest-silliest things would go wrong…the consequences could b disastrous.. .

Anyways I am past that stage and a proud mum today. My little heart is young enough to handle quite of his daily chores…

While I was busy doing the best for my child everyday …I started realising that not only I am losing out on my own individuality, but it’s also hampering my capacities as a mother. May be I needed to channelise my energies ….too much of anything is never good !!

That’s when I became conscious of the fact that I needed a space too and it’s time to indulge myself in either a task or a hobby or a passion that I haven’t thought of in years. Well it took me long two years n a half to realise my dream 
of writing a blog…

Like every dog has its day, this was my day when I got the kick in my head to actually put my thoughts together .

Now the whole idea was to start writing a blog n become a blogger, who else would answer my queries better than Google …I opened my Ipad and immediately searched how to become a blogger..? That’s where it began …n loaded the page with too many information for me to read, apprehend and get started!! ……convenient was to drop the Idea n shut the page …but something kept me going and I went ahead with my baby steps.

While I was halfway through I realised my so called blog doesn’t match with the title I decided after a good amount of brainstorming. Once again in a dilemma, whether I should change the title or rewrite my thoughts to match the title. Guess I got carried away with my ideas …..Since I had too much to pen down from all these years I have been wanting to do so …don’t wanna stop now….

But I am sure I am gonna be judged by readers and can’t afford to bore them in my very first blog, got to take a break after all and end it. Though feeling little off- course, I am sure I am not the only one around. Many mothers would relate to me and agree when motherhood becomes the priority in our lives everything else takes a back seat.

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