“A good father is one of the most 

  unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and 
     yet one of the most valuable assets in our society”  
Billy Graham

Mothers always gets their due when it comes to giving birth to the child and nurturing them… We often end up talking about the bond that a child shares with a mother..  But today I am gonna give some credit to fathers too :))

We can’t deny that mothers love is the strongest and the ultimate guiding force for the child… Of course mothers gets the credit of carrying the babies, feeding and nurturing during the initial days of birth. Simply because a father dosent have much role to play he takes a backseat… still ensures the well being of the child and the mother and builds a complete support system for mother and the newborn.

I sometimes wonder… There is more than a reason for a child to be attached to a mother but what is it that binds a father to a child… Isn’t it miraculous that a child shares the same bond, love and comfort with the father that he shares with the mother. Of course its got to do with science and genes but certainly there is more to it.

Just the way a woman is a woman until she becomes a mother… A man is a man until he becomes a father… That feeling of fatherly love, care, emotions flows in once they become a father and feels pride that the newborn is a part of him. The most loving and assuring thing is the fact ‘Its my baby’ makes parents just spill their heart out as kids give us identity of being parents…

When I was younger and I heard someone had a baby … I always thought ok .. cool but what’s a great deal about it. Everyone has babies…. I never understood what calls for such a big celebration … How would I ?

Not just me .. No one can understand that feeling of becoming parents until they experience it themselves. Same goes with fathers.. Mothers are more expressive when it comes to cuddling and loving the baby.. Fathers have a different way of expressing their love through talks, fun and games.

Child gets a sense of security from his father, his presence makes them feel strong and secure. How much ever we talk of a gender bias but one thing is true that a presence of a man beside you makes you feel stronger be it your father, your husband or your son.

But fathers mere presence is not enough for the child.. Father has to work towards building that bond with the child for simple reason that child is surrounded by his mother for most of his daily needs and gets enough time and ways to bond along. Where as fathers working away from home have to take out time and spend few quality hours for the child to cherish those moments and look forward to more of it.

I still remember how my world came to a still in that moment of joy when I delivered my baby… All my views, thoughts, doubts came to an end when I first held him in my arms.

I couldn’t believe how those beautiful twinkling eyes spoke so much with his gaze .. I just couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was simply adorable to see as a newborn… I had never seen something as beautiful as this ever before.

My husband held him so cautiously and his face lit up like never before. No wonder it’s a different feeling to carry your own baby in your arms. Its a miraculous feeling, one can only experience it cannot express enough in words.

It’s such an amazing experience to see a just born baby express so much simply through his eyes, hands and leg movements… Just one simple smile can make you feel so much loved and happy..that you yearn for that one little smile all day long.

It’s incredible to see how a newly born knows when they are hungry, how they express their uncomfort by crying and desire to be lifted…As if God has been training them all these months..

The way child expresses his desire to go in someone’s arm and refuses to stay in some is again unexplainable. How they recognise the touch and warmth of their parents is amusing .. As if they already share a bond with them. Wow ! I just find these little things so amazing.

How his face lights up to see his dad around and his eagerness to go in his arms speaks volumes about how much he long to be with his father. I can clearly see when he misses him while he is away and jumps with joy mere at the mention of his name.

fathers have a heart to heart connection with the child, They unknowingly teach a responsibility, ethics, how to live life and be tough like a man and lot more to a child that they aspire to become just like their fathers.

They are the biggest role models for their children as they might not teach them the way to live life but set an example for them by leading a life they might desire.

I feel blessed to have a husband who turned out to be an even better father. He has always been there and  been equally involved as a parent as much as I do. Yeah! There have been times when he couldn’t be by my side due to time constraints and work responsibilities but he has always taken care of our needs and desires even while away. And only we know how much he wants to be around us and miss his family as much we miss him while he is away.

Fathers need to be appreciated as much as mothers do and hence this post is dedicated to all the dads in the world, who are heroes in the eyes of their sons and daughters and even their wives.



     “To the World, You are a DAD
        To our Family, You are the WORLD”

Happy Father’s Day! 



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