People put in whole lot of time, money and energy to buy their dream homes, But when it comes to repainting the house the whole idea of time consumption and the mess during the process puts them off.

With changing mindsets and lifestyles, people want everything instant and hassle free. Painting a house should not get into a way of life.

Gone are the days when people painted their houses once in 5 years or even longer and that too just a touch up from the exteriors would suffice the need during Diwali.

I still remember how every Diwali my parents would barely touch up on the outside walls to give it a clean look but postpone the idea of doing the entire house to the following year… of course trying to avoid all the hassle that comes along with the dirty job of painting a house.

Painting the walls can go a long way in breaking the monotony of look and feel of the house other than adding longevity to the house. But is it all worth the time and money with the house looking like a site for almost until it’s completely done?

Couple of days back I attended an event by Indiblogger where I got introduced to Berger Express Painting system. It’s a revolutionary concept of painting homes with the help of automatic machines changed the way I looked at painting. Mr. Chandranath Banerjee, from Berger Paint India,  said ” Express Painting gives faster, cleaner and better results as compared to the traditional manual process of painting”. According to him people invest lakhs and crores of money to buy their dream homes and it doesn’t take more than a percent of that money to get the house repainted, which isn’t much on the budget however whole concept of dust, stains, mess leaves the residents with no choice but to avoid it.

With a service like Berger Express Painting one can sit back and relax while the professionally trained painters and high speed tools does the job of painting the entire house in almost half the time in a dust free manner while taking care of the household stuff, furnitures and everything else ensuring nothing gets stained, dusty or dirty thus ensuring comfort and convinnience to the customer.

Now a days when it comes to painting, people don’t go the traditional way and pick the most basic colors for the walls. They like to experiment with colors and give a nice bright appeal to the house that reflects their personality and matches the decor of the room. The concept of painting is no longer just a cleaning regime it’s about who you are and with the help of Berger Paints one can have a naturally beautiful homes.

As always IndiBlogger’s meets have something nice and unique to offer its bloggers. Loads of fun madness and interaction is what keeps the spirits high and this #BergerXP meet was no exception to  it.

The stage was all set with the #BergerXP backdrop, standies all across the hall at Vivanta by Taj, one of the renowned hotels of South Mumbai. BergerXP tools were put on display other than the few sites that were set to highlight the endorsed brand by Indiblogger.


While people were still walking in, it was a great time to connect with others at the venue while capturing some moments for the later use. We chatted along and relished the yum food which had some good dishes to offer even to a vegetarian like me.
We began with some fun time that is rest assured by Anup and Karthik the soul of Indiblogger team who likes to keep the energy up and high with his innovative ways of games, play and rewards.

We were soon introduced to Mr. Chandranath who took us through an interesting presentation and brought about some great facts of how the company came into existence and within no time made a mark in the industry by reaching among the top ten painting companies in India. According to him it took almost a research of three years before they launched this idea of express painting that serves the purpose of faster, cleaner and better.

During their research, they came to an understanding that people fear the mess and time consumtion that goes into painting. In today’s fast paced life when time is the biggest constraint people needed a solution that’s quick and hasslefree. BergerXP works on this mantra Faster, Cleaner and better that says it all.

Their idea is very well conveyed through this TVC that’s launched recently. Take a look…


Innovation and Consumer Focus are the keywords when it comes to delivering qualityproof service to its customers. Their services are designed keeping the focus on consumer’s needs and being innovative in their products and services to be able to provide the best.

They have their services available in all metros as well in other cities all across India.
Their services can be availed either through messaging – SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or by dialling te Toll Free Number – 1800 103 6030

We took a glance at the tools and explored the various features that gets the work done faster, cleaner and better. Do watch the video below for detailed understanding of the tools.


With tools designed to specifically make the process of painting faster and hassle-free, Berger XP ensures painting is now an enjoyable experience! Here are the key features that makes express painting worth the time and money.

* It’s 40 percent faster than the traditional painting saves on lot of time for the consumer.
* Professionally Trained Painters do the job morec efficiently and give better painting results.
* With their No -Mess tools on can be rest assured of cleaner and sparkling experience.
* Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines keep the house dust-free and avoiding allergies to pets and kids.
* Better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time!
* Their certified tools ensure a better finish with high efficiency!

All the above benefits and more at no additional cost.

We had a hands on experience of sanding and painting through the activities that were organised keeping in mind the relevance to brand #BergerXP.

We actually realised how much of dust and allergy sanding can cause in a span of few seconds. We were also made to experiment with the colors of BergerXP which was easy to pour and mix in order to get the desired shade. The paint had no odour as its usually felt while using regular paints.

We made the most of these colors and our imagination and came out with nothing less than a masterpiece. Take a look at these paintings that speaks volumes about our experience with

There was a Q n A session Followed by the presentation that helped us understand the brand well and Mr. Chandranath’s honest approach towards our questions cleared our doubts and gave us a great insight into world of painting.

It was a colourful event with a mix of  fun, masti, madness and lots of ???? I walked back home with an awesome thought “Whether its repainting an entire house, or just touching up the corner wall, painting is an important part of home and ownership”


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