As parents, all we wish for our new-borns a lifetime of good health, happiness, and love. There is nothing more important than health when it comes to our babies and as parents we try to take the best care of it. It’s tough for parents to see an unwell baby. Taking care of a sick child is not only physically taxing, but it affects you emotionally too.

There are several such memories I have from my early motherhood. It was disheartening to see a tiny baby cry endlessly out of discomfort (stuffy nose) and wouldn’t sleep all night. I remember sitting at the doctor’s clinic every 15 days. There are times when it gets helpless because the babies are too young to express anything, and we are equally new to the experience of nursing.

Weather change is the biggest culprit for seasonal flu and infections. And the first symptom that often makes the baby most uncomfortable is the blocked nose and it typically gets coupled at times with cold and fever. From breathing, feeding to sleeping everything causes discomfort to the child making them cranky and dull.

When I think of how helpless I would feel trying to put my baby to sleep when he had nose congestion and he would eventually wake up as I lay him down on the bed because he couldn’t breathe well since babies are obligatory nose breathers. After trying out several things, I finally found something that bought relief.

My pediatrician recommended nasal saline drop for the baby for clearing the nose congestion. I used the nasivion Mini (Baby) Nose Drops – 0.01%. I started giving him the drops before he went to bed, so that he could have a more restful sleep.

If you have a toddler, there is Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose Drops – 0.025% that can be used. However it is important to first consult your pediatrician and seek his or her recommendation.
I hope this information was helpful for you. Giving your kids proper and timely treatment is the only way to get them to recover faster and become stronger.

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