Fashion has always been there and will always be …In other words fashion is never gonna go out of fashion …but the question is..Are we confusing fashion with immorality?? Is dressing up unaesthetically is misconceived as fashion ??

For me fashion has never been simply following trends from bollywood or fashion magazines..I prefer adapting to the fashion so that it enhances my outer appearance and is pleasing at the same time ….

My dad always believed in the proverb ‘Clothes make the man’ ….I still remember how we were reminded time and again to be presentable whether we visited someone’s house, market or even when we had guests over….. Dare we came out in drawing rooms in our night suits or nighties.

Well trimmed and neatly tied hair …with crisp ironed clothes..and a pair of appropriate shoes….. are the memories from my childhood.

One reason could be that I come from an Army background but I would still not believe that it wud ever become a fashion when people would feel pride in a pair of ripped jeans and step out in so called bathroom slippers (which was only meant for bathrooms) …and still be considered cool and happening.

There was a time when neatly done up classy hair buns and braids used to make style statements…On a contrary…Now a days fuzzy braids, messy hair and out of the bed look is the talk of the town.

Though I accept that times have changed and especially in a place like Mumbai… People really don’t care who is wearing what and have a very chilled out attitude…. However I fail to understand how
could it be so cool to dress shabbily and yet not bother of what others have to say ….


On one side where Mumbai projects the best of the fashion brands, accessories and new trends ….the other side people just look comfortable in their own skin ..and give a damn….to people’s eyes gauging  their appearance …Be it a model or a celebrity..

I understand they can’t be dressed like million bucks all the time but at least don’t be so poorly dressed as u have just been dragged out of bed …( even out of the bed look is not so scruffy )

I really wonder why do we have our closets full of clothes when all we need is a pair of torn shorts and a Ganji that works well for all occasions..

I would feel sorry if they didn’t earn enough to efford another pair … But believe me these are the people earning like crazy n would prefer to step out in style ..

Even for men, more facial hair the better…it’s considered fashionable to not shave for weeks and step out like one zombie.

I remember Dad always said …There is a lot you can tell about a person by their shoes..and a mans footwear plays a very significant role in how he wants to be perceived as a man.


Dressing simply and comfortably was always considered the priority. According to Leonardo da Vinci.. simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Simplicity comes from purity, beauty and quality … But
would you consider today’s generation sophisticated??

Even if i choose to say yes which i doubt…My parents generation would never get convinced with this idea of fashion and style.

I personally feel we should spent at least a good few minutes…before the mirror to ensure we don’t become a laughing stalk outside the comforts of our home.

I believe fashion is having a style of your own rather than blindly copying others… Always wear
comfortable clothing that looks gud on you not on your favorite star.. Dressing is a huge part of ones
personality and speaks volumes about them.
Everyone dresses up for an event or a wedding …but how you project yourself in your daily wear is what people perceive of you ..


As a child I was always told a well ironed and well fitted clothes are a requisite … Then comes the colour the texture the brand and so on ..

We have indoors to dress as casually as we wish to … However when we walk in a crowd we are bound to be judged by our looks and that’s what we call a first impression …

So here I would say Follow trends, be fashionable but above all keep it simple, decent and dignified … Cause that’s never gonna go out of fashion ..whatsoever.

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