Well, Not many get to watch their favourite movie way before its release. But this mom son duo got lucky to have invited by JAMM’s Network for the pre-screening of an eye-popping animation series ‘Hotel Transylvania 3- A Monster Vacation’ this Sunday afternoon, Soon to be released in Cinemas by Sony Pictures.

Have you ever fallen in love with Monsters?

Yeah, you heard it right, ‘MONSTERS.’ I fell in love with them when I first saw Hotel Transylvania part 1. Monsters never sounded so cute, witty yet sensible in spite of their weird looks.
If you have seen the last two parts of this rib-tickling monster series, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the threequel. Even if you haven’t, you would surely want to catch up on them too. The feel-good comedy takes you on an adventurous ride and leaves you surprised with fantastic visuals, animation, and special effects.

Although the sequel was about Dracula’s grandson Dennis being trained to fit into their vampire tradition. This one is about the Dracula and his fun date..!! A beautiful surprise planned by the daughter Mavis, turns out to be the most thrilling and romantic experiences for Dracula, and he gets zinged.. ( To know more on Zinged you’ve got to watch the film) I wouldn’t reveal much, but the whole experience of a luxurious cruise party is so damn real that you wanna get up and dance right in the middle of the hall.

This wonderfully animated flick will crack you up with their creepy, comic characters, whacky moves, and funny dialogues. The romance is kept pretty clean and limited to flirting and dancing. Ideal for a family watch, the film has more than a couple of beautiful messages for kids as well as adults. Embracing diversity in spite of their differences, forget and forgive leaves a positive impact on the audience. Daughters love, and concern for their dads is well known to the world. Mavis is no different, so what if she is a monster daughter.

The last 30 min of the movie peps up the mood and urges you to get on your feet and dance to the famous tune of Macarena and other catchy tracks. On a separate note, I want to get hold of that DJ for my night outs.
So book your tickets now and enjoy the upcoming film that will hit the cinemas on July 20th. I am sure you don’t want to miss the fun and excitement it has in store for you and your kids.

‘Mommy day out with my movie buff at the pre screening of Hotel Transylvania 3’


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