“There is no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one.” #GrowRight

Out of all that we do as parents, ensuring good health and education are two of the most important things we can provide our children.

When we talk of good health, it doesn’t come easy. Keeping the child in good health and shape, ensuring they grow right can be quite a taxing experience for parents. As much as it sounds important to feed a balanced diet during the early years of childhood, it is quite a challenging task. I introduced PediaSure right at the age of 2 yrs. to my son as I could not have taken chances with his health. The first 5 years are the most crucial for children and a diet supplemented with PediaSure can help increase height and weight that’s essential for overall growth and development of the body.

A diet lacking essential nutrients can lead to frequent illnesses, hamper growth and development of a child, which leads to a weak immune system, further resulting in major diseases in life.

Here’s what you can do as a parent to ensure healthy eating- 

◾️ Start early for them to learn to eat healthy foods. Though, it can be one of the challenging and frustrating aspects of motherhood but, if we manage to inculcate these habits early in them, it would be a boon.

◾️ Limit the use of refined sugar or foods that have added sugar. Replace them with jaggery, dates or other natural sources of sugar instead.

◾️ Avoid food that contains trans or saturated fat. Using oils like olive, canola, and soybean are good for cooking. Include healthy fat like peanut butter, flax seeds, etc. that is a great source of omega 3 and omega 6

◾️ Include fruits (at least 3 a day) and veggies during meal time and snacking. The whole fruit is always a better choice over a fruit juice.

◾️ Lastly, don’t forget to hydrate them all day long with water, which makes up 90% of our body.

◾️ For picky eaters, it’s vital that you include a health supplements like PediaSure in the child’s diet that can be consumed in addition to the home cooked meals.

PediaSure, a scientifically proven health supplement has great benefits when it comes to children age 2 years and above. Formulated with 37 vital nutrients, PediaSure provides complete, balanced nutrition for toddlers who show visible growth in 90 days. It supports proper physical and mental development and works as a supplement to your child’s fussy eating.

If you are dealing with a fussy eater at home and looking at different ways of including PediaSure in the child’s everyday diet, try adding it to their smoothies, shakes, juices and other recipes too.

PediaSure has worked like magic for us. In spite of always being a picky eater, my child was never underweight or had any issues with height. I am sure introducing PediaSure at the right age was the best choice I made as a mother in keeping him healthy.

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