It’s not easy being a mother especially when you have a fussy eater. The initial few years were a complete struggle with my toddler who would just refuse to eat almost everything. Force-feeding never worked for us as he would vomit it all out just after a few bites. This would lead to even more stress as whatever little he would eat, was out of his system in no time. All the suggestion from fellow mums, parents, books, would go in vain as he would just get distressed at the sight of food.

The Three Things I Swear By As a Mother:

A few recommendations from my pediatrician really helped me stay sane with all the toddler-tantrums around my house. Her words that an active child is a healthy child kind of helped me stay calm in spite of his fussy eating.

One thing that I swear by as a mother is ‘PediaSure’. Today I realise why it’s the No. 1 Toddler Health Drink in India. PediaSure is a nutritional supplement that provides vital nutrients for your child’s right growth. This specialized formula is designed to supply complete, balanced nutrition to your child’s body to Grow Right. With 37 nutrients that helps support height & weight gain, bone growth, immunity and brain development, it’s the No. 1 choice of mothers with toddlers from 2 years and above.

Well, feeding toddlers can be tricky, there are children who will just survive on a few bites for the entire day, then there are some who will just stick to the same kind of food every day and refuse to try anything new. With such toddler-tantrums, it’s always good to have a dietary supplement that can boost their immunity and help them grow right.

The second thing that works for my child is ensuring they get their daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. I try to use different voices and improvise storytelling to teach him about the importance of these nutrients in his daily diet. He definitely enjoys the voices and I am happy to do them if it helps him to eat better.

I also believe in improvising natural ways to keep them healthy and fit. Homemade Desi Ghee is the third such thing that I swear by and recommend for all kids above six months.

It has great benefits for your growing child. With omega 3 and omega 9 essential fatty acids, it is also a rich source of vitamins and is easily digestible. Antioxidants present in organic desi ghee helps build immunity in younger kids if you give it in moderation.

Well, there are many factors that decide the well-being of the child besides eating healthy. Breastfeeding, sound sleep for adequate no. of hours and physical activity are equally important for your growing children to be able to stay healthy and infection free.

Over the years I have learned the tips and tricks that have helped me grow as a mother. Today when I look at my healthy child, I feel so proud of the choices I have made over the years and I continue to do so.

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