The most awaited festival of the year is finally over but it surely leaves us in high spirits. It’s a blessing to be born in a country like India which offers us a rich culture and festivities to celebrate.

Festivals bring in love & harmony, strengthens the bond that we share with our friends and family, but most importantly it gives us a great opportunity to educate our children about Indian culture and instill values by sharing historic events and the significance behind these celebrations.

Diwali has always been my favourite festivals. Streets bustling with lights, colourful diyas, candles, rangoli, flowers, crackers and delicious sumptuous treats ….. It’s a chaotic yet a delightful sight during Diwali.

The festivity around lights up the mood and makes surroundings so jubilant and gleeful that no one can stay away from the charm of Diwali..
The most beautiful thing about Diwali festival is it brings every one together .. Families travel distances to be with each other and share the happiness and joy on this auspicious day..and that’s one reason we look forward to uniting with our parents and celebrate the occasion together every year.. that makes it more special too:))

As a kid I have always rejoiced this Festival of Lights and today it doubles my excitement as a Parent to see my little one thrilled and amused at every detail and wanting to know more… It fills him with great joy to hear the religious and divine reasons behind the decorations and beautifying every corner of the house… He participates with equal eager and happiness in every task and feels the importance as he reveals small little details of Diwali ..

It was more than fun to watch him enjoy every little aspect of the festival and wanting to try his hands at every thing …. Well it definitely added on to my work but didn’t want to interfere in his excitement.

Until last year… Things were different.. He would run away even at the sight of firework ..and hardly knew when Diwali arrived and got over…

Where as this year… It was a different experience to see him thrilled about the festival due in advance.. and to my surprise .. It wasn’t about the crackers that most kids of his age would be..

Instead he refused to buy crackers as it causes pollution and its harmful. Another thing that 
bothers him about crackers is …it scares and disturbs his pet dog he has at granny’s house.

He also suggested not to buy those electric lights rather buy clay diyas because if we don’t buy them… the poor will not be able to celebrate Diwali.

Well, I wasn’t convinced with the idea of no crackers .. cause that’s what I enjoyed the most as a kid but felt proud to hear him talk like a sensible and a responsible adult. Kids do teach us a lesson or two at times .. 

Usually, where I would avoid taking him to the crowded places during this time, this year I preferred him come along and witness the beautiful streets decked-up during Diwali ..

Here’s taking you through the streets of Mumbai …which was all lit up with sparkling and colourful lights and was a sight not to be missed…


We happily walked through and he looked fascinated at the sight of glowing streets and corners full of household artifacts and fancy looking decorative pieces.

Rangoli decoration is an important aspect of Diwali … as every house looks forward to welcome Goddess Lakshmi with beautifully made bright rangoli’s at the entrance and enhance the main door with flowers, torans and lights…

He watched through as the women crafted a beautiful rangoli spreading colours through those pre designed nets… He went wow! as she lifted the net to reveal the full design and expressed his desire
to make one when we reach back home.

No! he didn’t forget by the time we reached home ..and designed this piece of artwork right here for you all to see lol!!


As we moved ahead … The glittering and flashy lamps caught our attention ..

The beautiful diyas, hanging-lamps and gorgeous Lanterns were seen all across the streets in various colours, shapes and sizes..illuminating the shops and surroundings..

My son very enthusiastically pointed the one in shiny golden colour as we decided to go by his choice..

Exchanging gifts is another important aspect of Diwali.. and when i shared this aspect with him …he had a list of all his buddies ready :)) Earlier where the gifts were only restricted to sweets and dry fruit packs has now been replaced with cookies, chocolates, candles, glassware, and so much more..
and trust me with so many choices and attractive looking stuff out there …you just wanna pick everything home .. Just that it’s too heavy on the pockets.. 


Every corner looked beautiful and lively…  with people dressed in new clothes adding to the beauty of streets as they step out either for shopping, fun or just an outing to have a view of the glimmering lights all around…

And finally the day arrived, when everyone is busy decorating their houses, cooking Indian traditional delicacies, preparing for evening Lakshmi puja…

As we finished puja .. He very happily guided me and helped me place diyas all across the house and rushed to bring the two, he had painted during his class and made sure I light them too…

Now, it was time to step out and have some fun with fireworks..

As I went by his advise and hardly bought any Diwali crackers (just a few fuljhadi, anar and Chakri)…  But it was fun to watch others do the fireworks and lit up the skies with crackling sounds and flashing lights.

Some people left candles in the sky that simply looked awesome as it gradually went up and disappeared in the skies …

Beautifully dressed men, women and kids in traditional clothes and jewelries added to the shine and glamour of Diwali.

Not to forget when the stage is set it’s time for the lovely selfies and pics with the family and friends… This is one thing that stays with all of us until next Diwali and makes for the beautiful Memories for the lifetime..


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