“The beauty of denim is its versatility – you can feel comfortable and sexy”

One pair of clothing that’s never gone out of fashion is “a pair of jeans”. This is one essential pair of clothing after Unmentionables that rules everyone’s wardrobe. You love it or you hate it but you just can’t do without it. It’s the kind of relationship I share with my pair of blue denims .

Denim is a love that never fades”

You can be unlucky in love but the love one shares with their fav pair of jeans never fades away.. In fact it gets better with age. For me fashion comes later, what essentially comes first is comfort. Be it at home, family outings, formal meetings or just a day out with kids … nothing keeps me away from my comfortable pair of jeans. Although it’s comfortable and easy to pair up with almost everything …it never lets me down when it comes to looking great.

           Style #1- Comfy yet Stylish
One can play around with the same pair of jeans and still manage to look equally great when compared to other dressy outfits. Denim can make you look girly, sophisticated, rough & tough all at once. It’s up to you to choose your own style and make it look versatile..

Denim is not just a weekend basic, it’s a fashion must” 

As the Friday rolls in we are already short of clothes and struggling to find what to wear? That’s when the formula “when in doubt wear denim” comes to my rescue. Some one has rightly said “Give a girl the right jeans and she can conquer the world“. So I quickly pull on my Low waist slim fit jeans and I am ready is roll.

Glam up your casual, distressed denim with a sheer beaded or sequinned tank to make it look effortlessly chic and glamorous. Top it up with a jacket or a cardigan when the temperature starts to drop. Girl next door style just got a whole lot sexier.

Style #2 – Glam up to a casual girl next door look 

When in doubt wear denim”

This works for me almost at all occasions. When in doubt just “Go Classic” Pair up your blue jeans with a white shirt /T- shirt. One can never go wrong with this classy combination that’s been chosen by the style icons over the years. Just a touch of denim in your outfit and there you go. .. be it a denim jacket, a denim belt or denim on denim …It never fails to stand out.



Style #3 – Go Classic with white and blue 
“Make a statement in your pair of jeans”
One need not worry in a pair of denims as it complements whatever you pair it up with. If you own a pair of jeans … You are good to go! All you need is some quick styling tips to make it look like a million bucks. A simple look can be transformed into a stunning diva just by adding some trendy accessories along with high heeled stilettos or pumps.
Style#4 – Keep it to minimal yet elegant

In order to get that classy yet simple look when we are in a dressing rut with no megastar budget in hand … “Experimenting with the look is the key“. I get lot of inspiration from celebrity dressing and add a dash of my personal flavour and it works wonders for me.

Just a white T shirt under a tailored jacket can look effortlessly rebellious when paired up with blue jeans and I so adore what Yves saint Laurent said “Jeans have expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity”.

I like to keep it Low-key in a boyfriend button down and my favourite pair of jeans … By keeping the look whole lot polished for possibly all the running around town and kids.

Style #5 – Everyday effortless look

These are the 5 ways of styling the same pair of well fitted jeans. Get inspired by these looks and make your own style and get going!

My fav jeans -” Low waist slim fit jeans” from Fbb

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