In today’s times where everything we consume, apply or use in our day to day life is impure, inorganic and chemically formulated. It feels like a blessing to have come across a brand that’s striving to provide us the real, the unadulterated and naturally derived products that are away from harmful effects.

Here I am to introduce you to a brand called Azafran, that’s making its mark with its organic products in various verticals. From skin care products to cooking oils to wellness and house care products, it offers a great range to its consumers in India and abroad.

Why choose Azafran?

Azafran is an organic, Eco-friendly and a completely harmless brand that ensures purity and safety in all their products. The ingredients used are extracted from natural resources, not just that, their products are processed at their own facilities using the organic ingredients that are harvested at their own farms. Their herbs are free from chemical and pesticides making them safe even for babies. Azafran ensures the use of natural ingredients in its purest forms, their products are neither tested on animals nor made by the animal by-products. All Azafran products are all ECOCERT & USDA certified.

it’s incredible to have a brand that promises safety and purity through its various products and is environmentally friendly. Being a mom, I always look out for natural and organic products for my baby and my family. Their well being and care is my utmost priority, however, due to lack of availability and awareness of such brands, we end up spending on the products that aren’t safe and healthy for our everyday utility.

I am glad to have introduced to a brand that offers purity and safety for me and my family. Here’s a list of products that I have used from Azafran and felt totally satisfied with the product quality. Do read my review as below –

Baby Gentle Body Wash & Shampoo

The body wash and shampoo is formulated keeping in mind the gentleness of a baby’s skin. It cleanses the skin and hair gently leaving them hydrated after every wash. The goodness of coconut, mineral-rich water and glycerin in its organic form ensures the babies skin is soft and supple after bathing. Most importantly the product is paraben and sulfate free making it safe for everyday use.

Organic Crayons

Azafran’s Eco-friendly and non-toxic crayons are made of organic waxes of palm and soya. These square shaped crayons are formulated to improve motor skills in children and it’s absolute fun for the child to stack these into building blocks. The crayons are non-sticky, non-greasy and are waterproof. My little one had fun coloring with these crayons that made with soy butter and food grade colors.

Tropical Breeze Liquid Laundry Detergent

6-in-1 eco-friendly liquid detergent is a great choice if you are looking at removing tough stains and unpleasant odour from dirty clothes. Made with ingredients derived from plants, it’s gentle on all kinds of fabric, cloth diapers and even on hands if you choose to hand wash instead in the washing machine.

D’fend SPF 30+ Creme

A daily creme that serves as a moisturizer as well as the sunscreen provides sun protection to our skin from UVA and UVB rays. This non-greasy and lightweight formula is sweat and water resistant with spf30. Ideal for two years plus, it gets absorbed quickly and keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated underneath.

We have been using these products for a while now and I am highly convinced with its effectiveness. I hope my review of the above products would help you choose the best and chemical free for yourself and your loved ones.

You can check out their entire range of Personal Care, Baby Care, Cold pressed Cooking Oils & Olive Oils infused with organic ingredients, Organic crayons, Homecare & Wellbeing magazine at their website –

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