Grow Right with a Holistic Parenting approach

Grow Right with a Holistic Parenting approach

With changing times and increasing demands, parenting has become more of an everyday struggle especially for mothers. With moms often being judged and compared, on the child’s weight, height, it has left little scope for mothers to relax and enjoy motherhood. Not just that, children are expected to perform from a very early age and are compared to their peers in every possible way. This eventually reflects on the child’s behaviour putting them under pressure. Parenting is unquestionably one of the hardest jobs on the planet. However, staying positive and adapting a holistic approach can do wonders in bringing up a child and their overall development.  

Understanding Holistic growth

Child growth has never been just about their physical growth. It’s beyond these measures of height, weight and physical appearance that can be scaled or weighed. A right approach towards child development is about ensuring their physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Holistic growth of a child caters to their needs of mind, body and soul. As parents we must create an environment that fosters all round development of the child. A right balance ensures that the child’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met. I attended an interactive session with well-known doctors, nutritionist and actress Lara Dutta, a celebrity mom, who had a lot to share through her own experiences of motherhood.  

Insights from the Abbott – #GrowRight tips launch event

The facts and findings that were discussed by the expert panelists at the event were quite an eye opener for millennial parents. Findings from the recent survey that 9 out of 10 moms are stressed out raised questions about today’s parenting skills. Looking at the alarming figures, Abbott India came up with a valuable resource for parents that combines science and experience to help mothers adopt a holistic and constructive approach while parenting kids. #GrowRight, an initiative @abbottglobal was unveiled by the panel of doctors and vivacious Lara dutta who is also a mother to a 7 yr old. The Grow Right guidelines will help parents adapt a practical approach that is free from stress, social pressures and child friendly.    

Highlights of #GrowRight tips

  1. Right Nutrition – There is a preconceived notion that relates eating to child’s growth. With the increasing trend of eating outside, child’s health has taken a toll on nutrients. Kids often choose to eat similar food each time; parents usually focus on being full, and ultimately miss out on the nutritional value that is desired from the right food. A lot can be achieved by cutting down on outside food, focusing on the ingredients then the quantity of food, following structured mealtime, portion control, displaying healthy eating habits and getting them involved in the cooking process, from buying veggies and fruits, to chopping and cooking meals. If practiced regularly, the child’s need of micro and macro nutrients can be met, making them healthy and grow right.
  2. Right Play – As per the experts, Growth happens outdoors. With changing trends and lack of spaces, kids are found glued to their screens from a very early age. Children’s playtime has been replaced by structured classes and their play is no more a fun but performance based. These expectations create a huge pressure on a child who is constantly being monitored even while at play. Studies suggest that a child should get at least a playtime of 3 hours every day, of which one hour should include high intensity physical activity. Free play is crucial in early years of childhood, it is important for healthy brain development. Free play or unstructured play allows children to use their imagination, creativity, to improve upon their dexterity, cognitive and physical ability. Parents are advised to find ways to limit screen time and let them learn to unplug.
  3. Right Nurture – All human beings including children need to be nurtured for their good health and well-being. Scheduling child’s routine, playtime, study, meal time, bed time increases productivity and lowers the chances of unexpected demands. Parent’s involvement in child’s day motivates them to do better in life. Parents practicing healthy eating habits have more chances of their children adapting to the same. Acknowledge and praise their good behaviour, at the same time let them learn the meaning of a firm ‘No’. Do not give in to toddler tantrums; however understand the need for them to express how they feel. Regular warm hugs and gentle touches develop a healthy sense of self and contribute to positive brain development.
  4. Right impact – Mothers are often made to feel guilty if the new born doesn’t measure as expected on the weighing scale. As per the experts, toddlers aren’t a scorecard for parenting skills. Do not get bogged down or go gaga over child’s physical statistics. Every child grows at a different pace and we need to respect that. As long as the child is growing at a required pace or the standards set by Pediatricians, one need not bother or compare with other children. With so much information available online, books, television, friends and families, it can be overwhelming for parents to figure out the best for their child. I am sure these Growth tips created by experts will help parents focus on the necessary and bring out the best in their children ensuring overall growth.
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Celebrate Easter with Emirates special menu on board

Celebrate Easter with Emirates special menu on board

Weekend before Easter always gets busy. There is a sense of festivity in the air. Everyone is looking forward to being with their loved ones to observe the festival. Travelling is on the cards for people wanting to make the most of the long Easter weekend. But the travel is sure to be fun if you are planning to travel by emirates. As they have come up with a special Easter menu for their customers on board and also at the select airport lounges. Travel definitely becomes an experience with great food on board.

So if you are planning a travel between 19th and 23rd of April 2019, You wouldn’t want to miss out on the special Easter menu that’s available to customers in all cabin classes, when travelling from Dubai to destinations in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Ghana and the Philippines.

If you are planning a trip during Easter, flying with emirates can be an icining on the cake. You can not only celebrate the festival on board but enjoy some of the most amazing recipes that are specially being served to their customers during Easter.

Emirates will also observe Orthodox Easter on 28 April for customers travelling on flights from Dubai to Russia and Greece.

Here’s what you can expect on board

✔️Easter buns using Emirates’ signature recipe with spiced dough and orange peel, sultanas and currants.
✔️Desserts featuring the Easter bunny will be an absolute delight for kids on board.
✔️Premium class customers will be able to choose from Easter-inspired desserts.
✔️Customers flying in first class can also look forward to an Easter edition of the Lakrids “Egg” Dulce de Leche Liquorice Balls in their personal goodie baskets.

These seasonal delicacies are offered in addition to the regionally-inspired cuisine that will be served on all Emirates flights.

Easter celebration at select Airports

Customers waiting at the airport can also enjoy the Easter special menu,  that’s introduced at all seven Emirates lounges at Dubai International Airport.

Customers around the world can also relish Easter special menu along with their different local highlights, such as Roman lamb chops served with artichokes and mint in the Emirates Rome lounge, Traditional South African Pickled Fish in the Emirates lounges in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Easter bread in the Emirates Kuala Lumpur lounge and Easter leg of lamb in the US lounges.

I totally believe a good food can elevate the travelling experience for people on board. Being a festive time, an experience like that is definitely going to uplift customers moods as they look forward to tasting various dishes and ester delicacies during the festival time.

Customers at Dubai, can savour traditional Easter buns, Simnel cupcake, carrot cake and Banoffee desserts. Not just that, Coffee Planet will serve festive drinks such as Marshmallow Mocha and White Chocolate Breve to their customers for the entire week.

Not just food but exhilarating entertainment on board

After food it’s time for some fun and entertainment. Emirates have promised to provide over 4,000 channels of on demand entertainment to its customers. With over 1000 movies to choose from, it’s surely a broad array of entertainment on offer.

With an inclusion of movies like Dumplin’, Christopher Robin, Freaky Friday, The House with a Clock in its Walls, Mary Poppins Returns it’s a sure shot entertainment for families on board.

Infact, customers can also create their own playlists of music, movies and TV shows on the Emirates app ahead of their flight and sync it to their seats once on board to maximise their experience of enjoyment.

So this Easter, give yourself and family a travel experience like never before. Celebrate the festival with unique and special offerings on ground and on board to make it an experience to remember.

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Unbox the fun with new PediaSure fun and learn box

Unbox the fun with new PediaSure fun and learn box

Play is not a luxury, it’s the important stuff that drives children to learn and
grow. It is the only way to engage them through various activities and get
the routine stuff done, that kids don’t find as interesting as play. From meal
time to getting them ready, every task gets easier when they are busy
playing. And a brand like PediaSure understands it well.

We were really excited when we heard of PediaSure’s new ‘Fun n Learn’
box with a DIY activity and didn’t even think twice before we went ahead
and ordered it.

As the box arrived, my little one could not wait to open and see what’s
inside, and the fun DIY surprise was enough to draw his attention. Now that he is big enough to read instructions, he enjoys doing such activities all by himself.

Childhood is all about fun and play. And I make sure while I allow my child
unlimited play, I don’t comprise with his health. PediaSure has definitely
helped me go a long way when it comes to boosting my little one’s
immunity. I introduced PediaSure to my child at the age of 2 on doctor’s
recommendation and since then there has been no looking back.
It’s impressive to see a brand that’s been our favourite for years get better
each day. The effort on the brand front shows clearly with their new
packaging where the focus is not just on the product but the child’s interest is kept in mind to #UnboxGrowth

This new pack with a fun activity inside is a great concept to introduce kids
to learning and creativity while they grow strong with PediaSure. The carton packaging has made it even more convenient to open and pour the
contents in a bottle and yet be useful for the child to engage with some
mindful activity. With a plastic ban initiated in most parts of India, it’s a
great move by the brand to come up with a paper made packaging, that’s
eco-friendly and can be used to build creativity in children.

We had great fun doing the activity as connect the dots made me nostalgic,
reminding me of my childhood days. Our experience of unboxing the fun and learn box is captured right here for you all, to see the amazing time we
had bonding through DIY activity.

Unboxing Pediasure Fun N Learn Box #UnboxGrowth

Why should you immediately order the PediaSure Fun n Learn box?

  1. The fun element is a great way to develop a child’s interest in this
    health supplement while they explore the activity.
  2. It’s a great way to bond with the child through the DIY activity while
    they drink their healthy glass of milk.
  3. Such activities are helpful in developing cognitive skills in younger
  4. It’s a great way to nurture a child’s creativity through fun games and
  5. Last but not the least a glass of milk with PediaSure tastes even
    better when there is a surprise element to it.

We had great fun doing the activity and making our own little DIY clock. When are you getting yours?

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DLF Mall of India celebrates 90 years of Mickey

DLF Mall of India celebrates 90 years of Mickey

Delhi brings you the most exciting and a mega event this weekend at India’s largest mall in the capital city, DLF Mall of India. A perfect family destination brings you endless fun and excitement along with the BLACK FRIDAY SALE for all the shopping lovers with over 100 brands offering up to 50% off only on 23rd November.

Black friday Sale

Mark your calendars, as this is the day you cannot afford to miss with your favourite and the biggest brands including Sephora, AMPM, Anita Dongre, Miniso, Le Creuset, Charles & Keith, Bath & Bodyworks, Aldo, Da Milano and many more available under one roof at steal deal. If you thought that wasn’t enough, Buy one get one deals at foot court (BOGO offers) will leave you craving for more. Chains like Tikka town, Wow, momos, Vaango, Imly are some of the names amongst the rest that will set your taste buds drooling over delicious food.

Funtastic Festival


If you aren’t much of a Shopaholic, don’t lose your heart, there is so much more in store for you. You can dance to the tunes of Bollywood sensation Akhil Sachdev, who will keep you grooving with his live performance along with his Sufi rock band ‘Nasha‘. The voice behind super hit Bollywood song ‘Humsafar‘ is definitely going to make this evening an affair to remember. So be sure to be there on 23rd Nov as it begins at 7 pm.

HarperCollins Mega Sale

The #funtasticfestival at DLF has a surprise in store for book lovers too. HarperCollins brings you a mega book sale and an added flat discount on all books after 9 PM. Sounds like an amazing opportunity to grab your favourite books at slashed prices along with fun engaging activities. Meeting your favourite authors and taking home their signed copies will surely make your day.

Disney is celebrating 90 years of Mickey with a grand event at DLF Mall of India for all you kids and parents. So gear up and don’t forget to be there for on the spot registrations. Have a great start to the weekend and give your friends & family a time of their life. The mall will remain open from 11am until 11 pm. With a free entry it promises to be a gala event of the year. Hope you make the most of this fantastic event and have a thrilling experience !

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