Is your Kitchen feeling dated? #KitchenStudioz is all you need !

Is your Kitchen feeling dated? #KitchenStudioz is all you need !

Kitchen has always been an indispensable part of our homes. With the changing lifestyle, kitchens have also been modernised and styled accordingly to our instant needs.

With the fast paced life, time is the biggest constraint. spending hours in the kitchen cooking with old traditional styled appliances is highly time consuming and tiring. Women today look forward to quick, easy and healthy ways of cooking.

Modern kitchen appliances

Modern kitchens not only save time but they are more productive and long lasting. With user friendly features, anyone in the house can make themselves a hot cup of coffee or toast a sandwich. This comes as a big help to the woman of the house who is constantly on her feet fulfilling everyone’s demands.

If you are still stuck with the traditional styled kitchen, it’s time for you to move on and give your old fashioned kitchen a makeover with the high end appliances with modern technology that will help you speed up your cooking, cleaning and other stuff that takes away all your time.

Hafele Appliances

With hectic lifestyles and the concept of open kitchens, the demand for modular kitchen is on the rise. Moreover, modern kitchen appliances are not a luxury anymore but a necessity. These elegant looking appliances not only uplift how your kitchen looks but make life more comfortable and enjoyable where you can treat yourself and loved ones with your favourite food and snacks at a touch of a button.

So if you have been thinking of having your dream kitchen all this while but didn’t know where to begin, Let me introduce you to #KitchenStudioz , A beautifully designed studio on the 3rd floor of Vijay Sales store at Prabhadevi offers a complete range of innovative products with aesthetic designs for all your ultra modern kitchen needs.

At the launch of #KitchenStudioz

Starting from your everyday needs like a coffee maker, blender, juicer to the high end products like kitchen chimneys, elegantly designed Gas hobs, wardrobe tall refrigerators, dishwashers to multi- purpose microwaves, Ovens with multi cooking functionalities, They have it all.

The innovative and easy to use features will amaze you with the built in technology and sensors.

Kishwar Merchant at #KitchenStudioz

To greet us at the studio was Krishan Merchant along with head chef from Hafele  Flavours who took us through the studio demonstrating the details and highlights of the new technology kitchen appliances.

Smart kitchen gadgets with brilliant technology will not only change the way we cook and eat but will also spruce up our entire lifestyle with their luxurious designs that accentuates our cooking style.

Modern Kitchen appliances

#KitchenStudioz at Vijay Sales

So go check out the kitchen studio that offers its customers a plethora of choices that will spoil you for good.

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New water wipes by Mothersparsh- As gentle as pure love

New water wipes by Mothersparsh- As gentle as pure love

“Motherhood is the most exhausting, emotional, rewarding and a life enhancing journey a women can take“. By Charlotte Pearson

However this exhausting journey can be made smoother and beautiful if the choices we make for our baby are right. Well it ain’t as easy as it sounds. With all sorts of suggestions knocking your door after you deliver your baby, it can be overwhelming for the new mom to make choices that suits the baby best. We all go wrong with various choices and there is no denial to the fact that each day comes as a new learning and we get better by each passing day and eventually become the best judge for our babies.

Wipes are indeed the most important and most used product for the baby from the time they are born. It’s just impossible for mothers to manage a baby without wipes. However a wrong choice of wipes may lead to uninvited infections and irritated skin in babies.

How does it feel when your wipe is 99% water ? I am sure nothing can be as safe as pure water for neonatal skin care. Mothersparsh, India’s only brand that introduced first time water wipes has gone a step further and by launching a new variant of 99% water wipes for baby’s having sensitive skin .

You would be completely satisfied with these new wipes that promises to be the most accepted product among mothers. Here’s why I am in love with these 99% water wipes. Read through and you will know what makes it superior in quality when compared to any ordinary baby wipe-

1. Medical grade cloth – These new mothersparsh wipes are purely made from plant derived fabric that gives a cotton like feel to the baby skin. These all natural wipes are non reactive on baby’s sensitive skin and leaves the skin smooth and non susceptible to skin allergies.
2. Extra thick fabric – The new wipes are 3 times thicker then the ordinary baby wipes making it extra gentle to suit sensitivity of neonatal baby skin. The extra thickness feels more delicate and soft on the baby skin.

3. Unscented/Chemical free – These wipes are free from any kind of fragrances or chemicals making it ideal for baby’s use. These 99% water wipes are parabens and alcohol free, with no use of any harsh scents that could cause any discomfort to the new born.

4. Moisture Lock Lid – The sealable sticker along with the plastic lid secures the moisture for long hours and maintains the freshness of the wipes. It’s easy and comfortable made makes it an ideal choice for mums to carry while on the go.

5. Suitable for hand, face and body – These wipes provide all round protection to your baby. These can be used anywhere on the body including the face and hands to keep the baby clean and free of germs at all times.
6. Dermatologically tested – These water wipes are highly safe with 99% water content and are hypoallergenic. The plant based fabric makes it the safest choice for babies.
7. Biodegradable wipes – Last but not the least these wipes are natural and 100% biodegradable causing no harm to our environment. That’s indeed a great thought that went behind the making of the product.

If you are a new mother struggling to provide the best skin care protection to your baby, look no more. These wipes are available in a pack of 72 pcs baby wipes at the price of Rs. 299. With the newly innovated ‘Unscented 99% water wipes‘ by Mothersparsh you can never go wrong as it promises to be gentle and care for your new born like a mothers pure love.

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Baby care with Mothersparsh – India’s first water wipes

Baby care with Mothersparsh – India’s first water wipes



That moment is still fresh in my mind when my heart skipped a beat, I jumped with joy and wanted to shout out loud and tell the world and most importantly my partner in crime. I looked twice, thrice just to ensure I wasn’t dreaming and rushed out, calling my husband to believe what I saw was right.

Yeah this was the day when those pink lines brought me immense joy and happiness and I started counting days. The feeling can’t be expressed in words. It’s the most wonderful memory of my life and even beautiful is the journey that began and went on for the next 9 months when my bundle of joy arrived.

Becoming a #FirstTimeMom can be an emotionally intense experience. No matter how much you prepare for motherhood, it comes with its own set of surprises and horrors.

I still remember from the day we broke the news to close family members and friends, there were innumerable advices that came our way and left us confused.

We already had a huge list ready and we shopped for almost everything that we dreamed of. Having a first child is overwhelming and just like any other first time parent we too got caught up in the world of advertising and bought everything possibly we could, to prepare for our first baby. But the doubt of ‘am I doing it right ?’ kept popping in my mind from time to time.

Motherhood comes with its own set of challenges. While I was still trying to get through one at a time, a few weeks down the line and I had to get my little bundle of joy treated for his rashes. Those few days were highly stressing to see my lil child go through pain.

I realised in the midst of doing everything right, I went wrong with the choice of wipes I used then. As a new mum, I was clueless that something as tiny a wipe can have a big impact on my baby’s sensitive skin.

So sometime back when I heard of first-time water wipes by mothersparsh, I just wished if they were born a few years back my first time experience with first-time water wipes would have made my motherhood journey more wonderful.

Newborns are needed to be wiped almost every hour. In order to keep their skin clean and germfree, we often rely on wet wipes as it’s comparative hassle free. Wipes with any kind of chemicals can disrupt the sensitive skin of a baby and cause skin irritation leading to rashes, dryness, redness and more.

Thanks to Mothersparsh for innovating India’s first water wipes that are made of 100% plant fabric and contains 98% water. These wipes are free of alcohol, paraben or polyester that are the main culprits of skin irritation. Clinically proven, these 100% biodegradable wipes feels soft like cotton on your baby’s skin keeping them smooth and silky.

Now you can never go wrong with the choice of bottom wipes for your Lil babies and give them the experience they desire at this tender age.








*The blogpost is sponsored by Mothersparsh, India’s first water wipes brand.

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Choose organic and eco-friendly – Choose Azafran

Choose organic and eco-friendly – Choose Azafran

In today’s times where everything we consume, apply or use in our day to day life is impure, inorganic and chemically formulated. It feels like a blessing to have come across a brand that’s striving to provide us the real, the unadulterated and naturally derived products that are away from harmful effects.

Here I am to introduce you to a brand called Azafran, that’s making its mark with its organic products in various verticals. From skin care products to cooking oils to wellness and house care products, it offers a great range to its consumers in India and abroad.

Why choose Azafran?

Azafran is an organic, Eco-friendly and a completely harmless brand that ensures purity and safety in all their products. The ingredients used are extracted from natural resources, not just that, their products are processed at their own facilities using the organic ingredients that are harvested at their own farms. Their herbs are free from chemical and pesticides making them safe even for babies. Azafran ensures the use of natural ingredients in its purest forms, their products are neither tested on animals nor made by the animal by-products. All Azafran products are all ECOCERT & USDA certified.

it’s incredible to have a brand that promises safety and purity through its various products and is environmentally friendly. Being a mom, I always look out for natural and organic products for my baby and my family. Their well being and care is my utmost priority, however, due to lack of availability and awareness of such brands, we end up spending on the products that aren’t safe and healthy for our everyday utility.

I am glad to have introduced to a brand that offers purity and safety for me and my family. Here’s a list of products that I have used from Azafran and felt totally satisfied with the product quality. Do read my review as below –

Baby Gentle Body Wash & Shampoo

The body wash and shampoo is formulated keeping in mind the gentleness of a baby’s skin. It cleanses the skin and hair gently leaving them hydrated after every wash. The goodness of coconut, mineral-rich water and glycerin in its organic form ensures the babies skin is soft and supple after bathing. Most importantly the product is paraben and sulfate free making it safe for everyday use.

Organic Crayons

Azafran’s Eco-friendly and non-toxic crayons are made of organic waxes of palm and soya. These square shaped crayons are formulated to improve motor skills in children and it’s absolute fun for the child to stack these into building blocks. The crayons are non-sticky, non-greasy and are waterproof. My little one had fun coloring with these crayons that made with soy butter and food grade colors.

Tropical Breeze Liquid Laundry Detergent

6-in-1 eco-friendly liquid detergent is a great choice if you are looking at removing tough stains and unpleasant odour from dirty clothes. Made with ingredients derived from plants, it’s gentle on all kinds of fabric, cloth diapers and even on hands if you choose to hand wash instead in the washing machine.

D’fend SPF 30+ Creme

A daily creme that serves as a moisturizer as well as the sunscreen provides sun protection to our skin from UVA and UVB rays. This non-greasy and lightweight formula is sweat and water resistant with spf30. Ideal for two years plus, it gets absorbed quickly and keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated underneath.

We have been using these products for a while now and I am highly convinced with its effectiveness. I hope my review of the above products would help you choose the best and chemical free for yourself and your loved ones.

You can check out their entire range of Personal Care, Baby Care, Cold pressed Cooking Oils & Olive Oils infused with organic ingredients, Organic crayons, Homecare & Wellbeing magazine at their website –

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‘Hotel Transylvania 3-A Monster Vacation’ – Review

‘Hotel Transylvania 3-A Monster Vacation’ – Review

Well, Not many get to watch their favourite movie way before its release. But this mom son duo got lucky to have invited by JAMM’s Network for the pre-screening of an eye-popping animation series ‘Hotel Transylvania 3- A Monster Vacation’ this Sunday afternoon, Soon to be released in Cinemas by Sony Pictures.

Have you ever fallen in love with Monsters?

Yeah, you heard it right, ‘MONSTERS.’ I fell in love with them when I first saw Hotel Transylvania part 1. Monsters never sounded so cute, witty yet sensible in spite of their weird looks.
If you have seen the last two parts of this rib-tickling monster series, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the threequel. Even if you haven’t, you would surely want to catch up on them too. The feel-good comedy takes you on an adventurous ride and leaves you surprised with fantastic visuals, animation, and special effects.

Although the sequel was about Dracula’s grandson Dennis being trained to fit into their vampire tradition. This one is about the Dracula and his fun date..!! A beautiful surprise planned by the daughter Mavis, turns out to be the most thrilling and romantic experiences for Dracula, and he gets zinged.. ( To know more on Zinged you’ve got to watch the film) I wouldn’t reveal much, but the whole experience of a luxurious cruise party is so damn real that you wanna get up and dance right in the middle of the hall.

This wonderfully animated flick will crack you up with their creepy, comic characters, whacky moves, and funny dialogues. The romance is kept pretty clean and limited to flirting and dancing. Ideal for a family watch, the film has more than a couple of beautiful messages for kids as well as adults. Embracing diversity in spite of their differences, forget and forgive leaves a positive impact on the audience. Daughters love, and concern for their dads is well known to the world. Mavis is no different, so what if she is a monster daughter.

The last 30 min of the movie peps up the mood and urges you to get on your feet and dance to the famous tune of Macarena and other catchy tracks. On a separate note, I want to get hold of that DJ for my night outs.
So book your tickets now and enjoy the upcoming film that will hit the cinemas on July 20th. I am sure you don’t want to miss the fun and excitement it has in store for you and your kids.

‘Mommy day out with my movie buff at the pre screening of Hotel Transylvania 3’


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Are you yet to find the best diaper cream for your baby?

Are you yet to find the best diaper cream for your baby?

Motherhood can be tricky and exhausting especially for new moms who are yet to learn the tricks of the trade. Yes, raising a baby constantly puts you in a place where you are questioning yourself if you are doing it right.

Lack of information on the right product for babies can worsen your experience of raising a new born. One such instance I can talk of from my motherhood experience is when I saw my baby suffer of the diaper rash. I still remember the first time when I spotted a red swollen rash on my baby’s bum. And it gets even worse when you treat it with a wrong product. I remember using a baby talc all over his bottoms and thighs thinking it will keep the area dry and the rash with disappear.

To my surprise, the rash spread all over the diaper area and became worse by the day. And as a mother it’s the most heart-breaking thing to see your little baby cry of pain. I couldn’t but blame myself for not being able to treat it well before time.

I am sure many of us mums out there struggle to find the best baby diaper rash cream for their babies that can protect their babies skin from rashes and also heals the faster.Before we get to the solution of a problem, let’s understand the root cause.

What is diaper rash?
A skin irritation caused at the bottoms usually anywhere in the diaper area, that might appear as a small rash or red patch on the skin at the beginning but worsens and takes form of blisters if not treated well in time. You can look out for these rashes on the buttocks, under thighs and around the torso.

What causes diaper rash?
There could be several reasons other than the fact that baby’s skin is super sensitive and is prone to any kind of skin infections. The fact that it’s referred to as diaper rash itself states its main cause. Newborn babies live in diapers be it disposable or cloth diapers. Inspite of all the care taken by diaper companies, the baby’s skin is never 100 percent dry. The moisture and wetness of urine and potty are good enough reasons for a baby’s irritated skin.

Chemicals used in the diapers could also be a major cause of skin infection causing rashes. Some disposable diapers use dyes and perfumes other than chemicals which is again harmful to baby skin.

Cloth diaper is a better option to avoid such chemical reactions with the baby skin, however sometimes negligence on the cleaning part of cloth diapers can cause skin reaction too. Also an extra care is required to be taken while using the detergent as it can harm the baby’s skin as much.

How to treat diaper rash?
The first thing after identifying the diaper rash is to treat it correctly. People often make a mistake of buying creams over the counters and applying. This may worsen the condition and a simple rash might turn into a painful infection that would require even more care and time to heal.

There are several products doing the rounds in the market. With the availability of so many different creams it’s tough to pick the right one for your baby.

Newly Launched Caladryl Diaper Cream

Here’s introducing you to CALADRYL diaper cream by Piramal health care. Caladryl has already made its mark for treating skin allergies in children and babies. Caladryl is the market leader in the anti-allergy and anti-itch topical application segment. It is India’s most trusted and prescribed lotion for any kind of skin allergies and works wonders not just for kids but adults too.

The newly launched Caladryl diaper cream for diaper rashes comes with the same expertise as the mother brand. Caladryl Diaper Cream is here to bust the myth that “diaper rash creams need to get absorbed by the skin”. As per the experts “Unlike a moisturising cream which gets absorbed, a diaper rash cream needs to form a protective layer on the skin to work effectively”.

This uniquely formulated cream has the properties of an anti-allergy and provides fast relief and rapid healing to babies from diaper rashes.

Why Caladryl diaper cream ?
1) Unlike conventional diaper creams, Caladryl diaper cream acts 2 times faster to protect and soothe baby’s skin from diaper rash.
2) It is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and is gentle on baby’s skin.
3) It contains zinc oxide, an ingredient which is approved by the US FDA as a skin protectant and is an ideal component for diaper cream.
4) Ingredients like olive oil and glycerin are mild on baby’s skin and helps sooth the skin faster while keeping it soft and supple.
5) Unlike a moisturising cream, Caladryl diaper cream is specifically formulated to be a thicker cream that forms a protective layer on the skin and blocks out the wetness from urine that helps heal the rash faster.

My Review
I completely rely on Caladryl for any sort of skin allergies be it for my child or myself. The years of experience with the mother brand has my trust and I would not think even twice before I recommend this outstanding formula to my well wishers for baby skin. The fact that it comes from a reputed brand that’s been tried and tested for ages gives this product a big thumbs up.

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