Grow Right with a Holistic Parenting approach

Grow Right with a Holistic Parenting approach

With changing times and increasing demands, parenting has become more of an everyday struggle especially for mothers. With moms often being judged and compared, on the child’s weight, height, it has left little scope for mothers to relax and enjoy motherhood. Not just that, children are expected to perform from a very early age and are compared to their peers in every possible way. This eventually reflects on the child’s behaviour putting them under pressure. Parenting is unquestionably one of the hardest jobs on the planet. However, staying positive and adapting a holistic approach can do wonders in bringing up a child and their overall development.  

Understanding Holistic growth

Child growth has never been just about their physical growth. It’s beyond these measures of height, weight and physical appearance that can be scaled or weighed. A right approach towards child development is about ensuring their physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Holistic growth of a child caters to their needs of mind, body and soul. As parents we must create an environment that fosters all round development of the child. A right balance ensures that the child’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met. I attended an interactive session with well-known doctors, nutritionist and actress Lara Dutta, a celebrity mom, who had a lot to share through her own experiences of motherhood.  

Insights from the Abbott – #GrowRight tips launch event

The facts and findings that were discussed by the expert panelists at the event were quite an eye opener for millennial parents. Findings from the recent survey that 9 out of 10 moms are stressed out raised questions about today’s parenting skills. Looking at the alarming figures, Abbott India came up with a valuable resource for parents that combines science and experience to help mothers adopt a holistic and constructive approach while parenting kids. #GrowRight, an initiative @abbottglobal was unveiled by the panel of doctors and vivacious Lara dutta who is also a mother to a 7 yr old. The Grow Right guidelines will help parents adapt a practical approach that is free from stress, social pressures and child friendly.    

Highlights of #GrowRight tips

  1. Right Nutrition – There is a preconceived notion that relates eating to child’s growth. With the increasing trend of eating outside, child’s health has taken a toll on nutrients. Kids often choose to eat similar food each time; parents usually focus on being full, and ultimately miss out on the nutritional value that is desired from the right food. A lot can be achieved by cutting down on outside food, focusing on the ingredients then the quantity of food, following structured mealtime, portion control, displaying healthy eating habits and getting them involved in the cooking process, from buying veggies and fruits, to chopping and cooking meals. If practiced regularly, the child’s need of micro and macro nutrients can be met, making them healthy and grow right.
  2. Right Play – As per the experts, Growth happens outdoors. With changing trends and lack of spaces, kids are found glued to their screens from a very early age. Children’s playtime has been replaced by structured classes and their play is no more a fun but performance based. These expectations create a huge pressure on a child who is constantly being monitored even while at play. Studies suggest that a child should get at least a playtime of 3 hours every day, of which one hour should include high intensity physical activity. Free play is crucial in early years of childhood, it is important for healthy brain development. Free play or unstructured play allows children to use their imagination, creativity, to improve upon their dexterity, cognitive and physical ability. Parents are advised to find ways to limit screen time and let them learn to unplug.
  3. Right Nurture – All human beings including children need to be nurtured for their good health and well-being. Scheduling child’s routine, playtime, study, meal time, bed time increases productivity and lowers the chances of unexpected demands. Parent’s involvement in child’s day motivates them to do better in life. Parents practicing healthy eating habits have more chances of their children adapting to the same. Acknowledge and praise their good behaviour, at the same time let them learn the meaning of a firm ‘No’. Do not give in to toddler tantrums; however understand the need for them to express how they feel. Regular warm hugs and gentle touches develop a healthy sense of self and contribute to positive brain development.
  4. Right impact – Mothers are often made to feel guilty if the new born doesn’t measure as expected on the weighing scale. As per the experts, toddlers aren’t a scorecard for parenting skills. Do not get bogged down or go gaga over child’s physical statistics. Every child grows at a different pace and we need to respect that. As long as the child is growing at a required pace or the standards set by Pediatricians, one need not bother or compare with other children. With so much information available online, books, television, friends and families, it can be overwhelming for parents to figure out the best for their child. I am sure these Growth tips created by experts will help parents focus on the necessary and bring out the best in their children ensuring overall growth.
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Help your kids #GrowRight with healthy eating habits

Help your kids #GrowRight with healthy eating habits

“There is no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one.” #GrowRight

Out of all that we do as parents, ensuring good health and education are two of the most important things we can provide our children.

When we talk of good health, it doesn’t come easy. Keeping the child in good health and shape, ensuring they grow right can be quite a taxing experience for parents. As much as it sounds important to feed a balanced diet during the early years of childhood, it is quite a challenging task. I introduced PediaSure right at the age of 2 yrs. to my son as I could not have taken chances with his health. The first 5 years are the most crucial for children and a diet supplemented with PediaSure can help increase height and weight that’s essential for overall growth and development of the body.

A diet lacking essential nutrients can lead to frequent illnesses, hamper growth and development of a child, which leads to a weak immune system, further resulting in major diseases in life.

Here’s what you can do as a parent to ensure healthy eating- 

◾️ Start early for them to learn to eat healthy foods. Though, it can be one of the challenging and frustrating aspects of motherhood but, if we manage to inculcate these habits early in them, it would be a boon.

◾️ Limit the use of refined sugar or foods that have added sugar. Replace them with jaggery, dates or other natural sources of sugar instead.

◾️ Avoid food that contains trans or saturated fat. Using oils like olive, canola, and soybean are good for cooking. Include healthy fat like peanut butter, flax seeds, etc. that is a great source of omega 3 and omega 6

◾️ Include fruits (at least 3 a day) and veggies during meal time and snacking. The whole fruit is always a better choice over a fruit juice.

◾️ Lastly, don’t forget to hydrate them all day long with water, which makes up 90% of our body.

◾️ For picky eaters, it’s vital that you include a health supplements like PediaSure in the child’s diet that can be consumed in addition to the home cooked meals.

PediaSure, a scientifically proven health supplement has great benefits when it comes to children age 2 years and above. Formulated with 37 vital nutrients, PediaSure provides complete, balanced nutrition for toddlers who show visible growth in 90 days. It supports proper physical and mental development and works as a supplement to your child’s fussy eating.

If you are dealing with a fussy eater at home and looking at different ways of including PediaSure in the child’s everyday diet, try adding it to their smoothies, shakes, juices and other recipes too.

PediaSure has worked like magic for us. In spite of always being a picky eater, my child was never underweight or had any issues with height. I am sure introducing PediaSure at the right age was the best choice I made as a mother in keeping him healthy.

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Eat Right Grow Right

Eat Right Grow Right

It’s not easy being a mother especially when you have a fussy eater. The initial few years were a complete struggle with my toddler who would just refuse to eat almost everything. Force-feeding never worked for us as he would vomit it all out just after a few bites. This would lead to even more stress as whatever little he would eat, was out of his system in no time. All the suggestion from fellow mums, parents, books, would go in vain as he would just get distressed at the sight of food.

The Three Things I Swear By As a Mother:

A few recommendations from my pediatrician really helped me stay sane with all the toddler-tantrums around my house. Her words that an active child is a healthy child kind of helped me stay calm in spite of his fussy eating.

One thing that I swear by as a mother is ‘PediaSure’. Today I realise why it’s the No. 1 Toddler Health Drink in India. PediaSure is a nutritional supplement that provides vital nutrients for your child’s right growth. This specialized formula is designed to supply complete, balanced nutrition to your child’s body to Grow Right. With 37 nutrients that helps support height & weight gain, bone growth, immunity and brain development, it’s the No. 1 choice of mothers with toddlers from 2 years and above.

Well, feeding toddlers can be tricky, there are children who will just survive on a few bites for the entire day, then there are some who will just stick to the same kind of food every day and refuse to try anything new. With such toddler-tantrums, it’s always good to have a dietary supplement that can boost their immunity and help them grow right.

The second thing that works for my child is ensuring they get their daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. I try to use different voices and improvise storytelling to teach him about the importance of these nutrients in his daily diet. He definitely enjoys the voices and I am happy to do them if it helps him to eat better.

I also believe in improvising natural ways to keep them healthy and fit. Homemade Desi Ghee is the third such thing that I swear by and recommend for all kids above six months.

It has great benefits for your growing child. With omega 3 and omega 9 essential fatty acids, it is also a rich source of vitamins and is easily digestible. Antioxidants present in organic desi ghee helps build immunity in younger kids if you give it in moderation.

Well, there are many factors that decide the well-being of the child besides eating healthy. Breastfeeding, sound sleep for adequate no. of hours and physical activity are equally important for your growing children to be able to stay healthy and infection free.

Over the years I have learned the tips and tricks that have helped me grow as a mother. Today when I look at my healthy child, I feel so proud of the choices I have made over the years and I continue to do so.

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New water wipes by Mothersparsh- As gentle as pure love

New water wipes by Mothersparsh- As gentle as pure love

“Motherhood is the most exhausting, emotional, rewarding and a life enhancing journey a women can take“. By Charlotte Pearson

However this exhausting journey can be made smoother and beautiful if the choices we make for our baby are right. Well it ain’t as easy as it sounds. With all sorts of suggestions knocking your door after you deliver your baby, it can be overwhelming for the new mom to make choices that suits the baby best. We all go wrong with various choices and there is no denial to the fact that each day comes as a new learning and we get better by each passing day and eventually become the best judge for our babies.

Wipes are indeed the most important and most used product for the baby from the time they are born. It’s just impossible for mothers to manage a baby without wipes. However a wrong choice of wipes may lead to uninvited infections and irritated skin in babies.

How does it feel when your wipe is 99% water ? I am sure nothing can be as safe as pure water for neonatal skin care. Mothersparsh, India’s only brand that introduced first time water wipes has gone a step further and by launching a new variant of 99% water wipes for baby’s having sensitive skin .

You would be completely satisfied with these new wipes that promises to be the most accepted product among mothers. Here’s why I am in love with these 99% water wipes. Read through and you will know what makes it superior in quality when compared to any ordinary baby wipe-

1. Medical grade cloth – These new mothersparsh wipes are purely made from plant derived fabric that gives a cotton like feel to the baby skin. These all natural wipes are non reactive on baby’s sensitive skin and leaves the skin smooth and non susceptible to skin allergies.
2. Extra thick fabric – The new wipes are 3 times thicker then the ordinary baby wipes making it extra gentle to suit sensitivity of neonatal baby skin. The extra thickness feels more delicate and soft on the baby skin.

3. Unscented/Chemical free – These wipes are free from any kind of fragrances or chemicals making it ideal for baby’s use. These 99% water wipes are parabens and alcohol free, with no use of any harsh scents that could cause any discomfort to the new born.

4. Moisture Lock Lid – The sealable sticker along with the plastic lid secures the moisture for long hours and maintains the freshness of the wipes. It’s easy and comfortable made makes it an ideal choice for mums to carry while on the go.

5. Suitable for hand, face and body – These wipes provide all round protection to your baby. These can be used anywhere on the body including the face and hands to keep the baby clean and free of germs at all times.
6. Dermatologically tested – These water wipes are highly safe with 99% water content and are hypoallergenic. The plant based fabric makes it the safest choice for babies.
7. Biodegradable wipes – Last but not the least these wipes are natural and 100% biodegradable causing no harm to our environment. That’s indeed a great thought that went behind the making of the product.

If you are a new mother struggling to provide the best skin care protection to your baby, look no more. These wipes are available in a pack of 72 pcs baby wipes at the price of Rs. 299. With the newly innovated ‘Unscented 99% water wipes‘ by Mothersparsh you can never go wrong as it promises to be gentle and care for your new born like a mothers pure love.

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Baby care with Mothersparsh – India’s first water wipes

Baby care with Mothersparsh – India’s first water wipes



That moment is still fresh in my mind when my heart skipped a beat, I jumped with joy and wanted to shout out loud and tell the world and most importantly my partner in crime. I looked twice, thrice just to ensure I wasn’t dreaming and rushed out, calling my husband to believe what I saw was right.

Yeah this was the day when those pink lines brought me immense joy and happiness and I started counting days. The feeling can’t be expressed in words. It’s the most wonderful memory of my life and even beautiful is the journey that began and went on for the next 9 months when my bundle of joy arrived.

Becoming a #FirstTimeMom can be an emotionally intense experience. No matter how much you prepare for motherhood, it comes with its own set of surprises and horrors.

I still remember from the day we broke the news to close family members and friends, there were innumerable advices that came our way and left us confused.

We already had a huge list ready and we shopped for almost everything that we dreamed of. Having a first child is overwhelming and just like any other first time parent we too got caught up in the world of advertising and bought everything possibly we could, to prepare for our first baby. But the doubt of ‘am I doing it right ?’ kept popping in my mind from time to time.

Motherhood comes with its own set of challenges. While I was still trying to get through one at a time, a few weeks down the line and I had to get my little bundle of joy treated for his rashes. Those few days were highly stressing to see my lil child go through pain.

I realised in the midst of doing everything right, I went wrong with the choice of wipes I used then. As a new mum, I was clueless that something as tiny a wipe can have a big impact on my baby’s sensitive skin.

So sometime back when I heard of first-time water wipes by mothersparsh, I just wished if they were born a few years back my first time experience with first-time water wipes would have made my motherhood journey more wonderful.

Newborns are needed to be wiped almost every hour. In order to keep their skin clean and germfree, we often rely on wet wipes as it’s comparative hassle free. Wipes with any kind of chemicals can disrupt the sensitive skin of a baby and cause skin irritation leading to rashes, dryness, redness and more.

Thanks to Mothersparsh for innovating India’s first water wipes that are made of 100% plant fabric and contains 98% water. These wipes are free of alcohol, paraben or polyester that are the main culprits of skin irritation. Clinically proven, these 100% biodegradable wipes feels soft like cotton on your baby’s skin keeping them smooth and silky.

Now you can never go wrong with the choice of bottom wipes for your Lil babies and give them the experience they desire at this tender age.








*The blogpost is sponsored by Mothersparsh, India’s first water wipes brand.

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Choose your Breakfast wisely!

Choose your Breakfast wisely!

We are mostly in a rush during the mornings and breakfast often takes a back seat as it feels like an unnecessary, time-consuming affair. It gets even more challenging when you have a toddler to handle as well.

We often tend to give this important meal a miss, especially us mothers, as the added responsibility of kids and family leaves us with no time for ourselves. For me, meal times used to be very stressful as my child mostly refused to eat just about anything and everything. I had to patiently sit with him, sometimes for hours, to make sure he finished his meals. For moms with school going kids, it gets even tougher as you have to dedicate time to getting them ready on time, preparing their lunchboxes, etc.

When my child started school, I didn’t have a choice of sitting down and dedicating a couple of hours to feeding him anymore. Most mornings would begin with just a few bites of biscuits along with a few sips of milk. Anything over and above would not only take a lot of convincing but mostly just end up in tantrums – one thing you would want to avoid in the mornings at any cost. Hence, I would give up and feed him nicely only once he would get back home.

Gradually I realized that he wouldn’t eat during mornings not because he didn’t feel hungry but out of habit. Even on the days when he would stay home, he would just grab a few bites of biscuits and wouldn’t eat anything at all until noon. Often, he would get cranky for no specific reason. That’s when it hit me that he is missing out on energy from the most important meal of the day along with a bunch of essential nutrients.

Why is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

The first meal of the day that breaks the overnight fast can give you the fuel to kick start your daily activities. When we skip breakfast, we try to run on an empty stomach which is almost like trying to drive a car which has run out of gas.
Studies have proven that those who eat breakfast regularly have enhanced cognitive performance. Kids have improved attention, memory and better academic achievement with regular breakfast consumption.

Breakfast eaters tend to have healthier body weights. Breakfast skippers have greater body weights, higher BMI and waist circumference. Breakfast intake improves several parameters associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Overall breakfast consumption promotes physical and mental well-being.

What Constitutes a Balanced Breakfast?

Nutritionists believe that a balanced breakfast is the one that includes foods from three essential food groups e.g. one serving of whole grain group, one serving of dairy (milk/curds) or lean protein group (egg, chicken) and one serve of fruit or vegetable group. Cereal, milk and fruit is an example of a balanced breakfast.

Other examples include a bowl of vegetable poha with peanuts, a glass of toned milk and cubed papaya; vegetable parathas made with whole wheat flour with a bowl of curds and a fruit; idli sambhar with a bowl of curds and a fruit; oats porridge with fruits and dry fruits.

Nutrients missed at breakfast are not compensated for through the consumption of a mid-morning meal or through other meals in the day. Children, as well as adults, often prefer eating dry cereal for breakfast while on the go. However, adding milk or yogurt to your bowl of cereal, along with a handful of seasonal fruits and nuts makes it balanced and fuels your body and brain with the combination of carbs and proteins as well as helps provide calcium to meet your RDA.

Choosing Kellogg’s for Breakfast when it comes to choosing a breakfast cereal, the first name that comes to my mind is the range of breakfast cereals from Kellogg’s. It’s been taking care of our breakfast needs over years now.

But why Kellogg’s?

Kellogg’s ready-to-eat cereals are simply processed and fortified with key essential vitamins and minerals. They provide fibre and protein too besides energy. Different varieties of Kellogg’s ready-to-eat cereals use different grains namely corn, Wheat, oats, ragi, barley and rice. The wide variety helps the customer to choose his/her own favourite breakfast cereal. To name a few:

Kellogg’s Original and the best – Made with real corn, it provides nourishment to the whole family with many essential nutrients and minerals like Iron, B group vitamins, etc.

Muesli Nuts Delight – Provides the goodness of multigrain (Wheat, Rice, Corn, Oats, and Barley) along with dry fruits and nuts.

Kellogg’s Oats – Made with 100% Oats and is an good source of protein with high fibre and low sodium.

Kellogg’s Chocos – Especially made for kids to ensure that they get their daily
nourishment from whole wheat, key essential vitamins, and minerals.

Kellogg’s Special K Protein and Fibre – It contains only 2% fat and is fortified with key essential vitamins and iron. It is high in protein and fibre

Kellogg’s All Bran Wheat Flakes – Rich in fibre and fibre helps to cleanse the
digestive system.

Kellogs Breakfast

Breakfast is indeed an essential meal to kick start the day, just taking out few minutes to have a convenient and nourishing breakfast, such as a bowl of Kellogg’s cereal with milk/ curd and a fruit can help us start our action packed day. Therefore this national nutrition month, pledge to #BreakTheHabit of skipping breakfast and & Say ‘Good Morning to Your Body and Eat Breakfast’.

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