Turn up the excitement at Big Bazaar’s Kids Carnival this new year !

Turn up the excitement at Big Bazaar’s Kids Carnival this new year !

With an ongoing holiday season and the debut of 2017… there is ample of cheer, laughter, positivity, fun and hope in the air with everyone looking forward to a new beginning and a year full of hopes and surprises…

While we look ahead to the new beginning there has been some great moments of joy and excitement in the past year that can’t be left unshared.

Holidays are the perfect time to create moments with the family and loved ones. With Christmas began all the fun and what better time for kids to wish for their greatest possession and see them getting fulfilled through Santa. Decorating trees with Christmas decorations, wearing santa caps and writing letters to Santa are some amazing ways for kids to get involved in the festival. The glittering site of beautifully decorated streets, malls, houses with the Christmas theme is just impossible to resist.

I so look forward to taking my child to various places where he can enjoy the festivity of Christmas and keep up with his excitement …

This time, I got lucky as an invitation led me to Big Bazaar’s Kiddie Club that kicked off the Kids Carnival 2016 with a lot of zest and excitement across all its stores in the country starting December 10, 2016, until January 8, 2017


Yes! the year 2016 is gone by but the kids carnival is still on with all the fun and entertainment. 


The kids carnival is an exciting affair with loads of enthusiasm, thrill and fun filled activities for kids that ensures great playtime and learning at the Big Bazaar stores apart from offering a huge range of kids toys, kids fashion clothing spread over the large section of the store. All this and more during this festive time makes Big Bazaar’s Kiddie Club an ideal place for kids that keeps them fully engaged while the mothers can easily shop around for different stuff 
available at very discounted prices.

The whole concept behind the Kiddie club is designed for our little children aged between 3-12 to make the most of it by showcasing their hidden talents and pursue their hobbies through various activities conducted at stores.

Going shopping would never feel boring as it sounds to kids. I know how difficult it gets when mothers want to go shopping and kids turn up that bore face which is a straight no for them. 

With an awesome idea like a kiddie club can turn shopping into a fun time for kids and offer them a fabulous quality time while one has a choice to indulge in shopping and exploring the new stuff at the store. 

I had a fabulous time along with my son who indulged in various games and got a chance to play with some of the newly introduced toys that he aspires to add to his collection. To be able to pick and play with what ever they desired from a huge range of toys was truly exciting and fun for kids.

Here are some fun moments we had with kids and moms at the #BBKiddieClub

One of the key highlights of the kiddie club carnival is the “ChotaBheem” competition where children can win a chance of getting featured in Chotabheem TVC. Nothing can be as exciting for kids to be able to meet their favourite heroes and get featured with them is like a cherry on the cake.

Bigbazaar kiddie club also introduces a kiddie club card for its little shoppers that accumulates points as they shop and that can be used to participate in various activities..

Future Group is credited with creating some of the most popular retail chains in India and Big Bazaar is ranked amongst the top 3 service brands in the country. Big Bazaar has so much to offer at great discounted rates without compromising on the quality of the product. It delights its customers by adapting innovating ways keeping in mind the changing lifestyle and introducing services and products as customer desires.

Inspite of new retail stores opening every other day, Big Bazaar is still the most preferred and trusted  store for family needs.

With the huge range of products it gives enough choice to pick from and with the addition of the latest stuff every now and then makes it a choice worth the money.

Time spent at Kiddie Club was very fulfilling for mums as well as kids as they had a great time learning, playing and engaging in some awesome stuff especially curated for kids enjoyment. The friendly and courteous staff  added to the fun quotient by being available to kids and ensured nothing comes in a way when it comes to kids playtime…

So parents if you haven’t been there yet, it’s time you head on for the carnival to give your child an experience that they will cherish this new year … and you will get a whale of time for some fun shopping at store …

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Top 5 Toys/ Sports you will never regret buying for your kid

Top 5 Toys/ Sports you will never regret buying for your kid

Kids grow faster than we even realize… From the time they are born… Soon they are ready to run on their toes… And before we even know it they have a choice of their own.
With so much to offer kids in today’s world, it’s not easy for parents to choose the best in spite of huge spending’s.
Those days were different when we grew up playing with sand, stones and leaves from the trees. We were happy collecting feathers and pebbles that gave immense pleasure to our inner core as a child.
Today’s kids stay indoors and spend all the time either playing with toys or watching TV. With the limitation of staying indoors the choice of toys has increased and there is so much to choose from that often parents get confused and end up picking the wrong toys without giving it a much thought.
Kids have short attention span and end up losing interest in even the most expensive toy you might have bought few hours ago. They want something new every minute and the key is to keep them interested by inventing new ways of playing or by giving them a toy that tests their skills. It keeps them busy for longer as kids don’t give up easily…
Here are some of my sons favorites that I feel every kid of his age would love to have in their collection… Plus there are various learning benefits that comes along with developing skill sets while they are at play…
 1. Building blocks/ Lego/ Construction toys – I am sure this one is the top most pick for any kid between the age of 4 – 6. Every kid wants to own it no matter what size or price. Lego has a huge market and comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s heavy on pockets but surely helps building up creativity, shape matching, memorizing and sequencing. It has huge learning benefits and is a great fun activity.
Checkout some of my sons favorites :
2. Action figures: My son has this fascination for superheroes and I am sure there is nothing strange about it. All boys do. He likes to collect his favorite characters and has a collection of avengers team and many more from Chota Bheem to ninja turtles. It’s natural for kids to feel stronger than they are and these superheroes help them grow their imagination and bring alive the characters they have seen and heard in stories.
3. Role play toys/games : These makes for the best choice for kids when it comes to teaching them about the real world and make them familiar with the stuff we do in our day today life. They love to explore real life games as it brings confidence when they feel they can do it all that elders do. It’s a great learning for kids this age when they are not toddlers anymore. Fire station, police set and shopping center are some of my son’s favorites.
As kids grow they need more than just toys to entertain themselves. There is so much physical strength and energy they have that needs to be utilized constructively to help them stay fit and healthy… 
4. Cycling/ skating/ swimming/ any sport : : Its equally important for kids this age to indulge in one or more of these physical activities that builds stamina, helps them grow tall and keep them on the move. It’s equally important to go for the right size while choosing a bike as per kid’s age and height. It’s natural for kids aged 5 and above to be able to pursue their favorite sport along with cycling and skating.
5. Hobby/Art/ Skill : It’s imperative for a kid of this age to pursue a hobby that can help them rejuvenate after a tiring day. Initial five years are good enough for a child and parent to understand a child’s interest. It’s a must for every child to have a hobby that he or she loves doing … Be it singing, playing music, dancing, cooking or anything else.

This must be encouraged and invested in. I realised my sons interest in music when he was barely 3 and got him a small Casio to keep his interest and today he loves playing his profession piano I bought last year and it paid off.
We always have a choice as we walk in to the toy store to pick what we like. We must try and invest in things that help our kids develop the skills needed for them to grow and boost their confidence too.
When time is a constraint, online shopping gives a huge choice for kid’s products including the latest toys/ sports stuff for every age and need.
Not just that it saves us from spending more and gets us the best deals with various offers available from time to time.
Amazon.in is one of my favorite online stores especially when it comes to picking my kids favorites’. I prefer buying toys online from the comforts of my home and gets to choose along with my son from a huge range of toys available from various brands.

                          ” Let’s pick The Best for them to learn, grow and explore “


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Little hearts & curious Minds

Little hearts & curious Minds

It’s not surprising to see kids speak their mind, ask questions until convinced and have a say in everything that’s happening around. We all agree technology rules the world today and kids being so smartly adapting to it is no wonder a boon in a true sense.

If I go back in time when technology had not taken over every household the way it has today… Life was different, however it has certainly brought a revolution in the current generation in terms of everything .. Be it their way of thinking, adapting, learning or performing.


Years back, we as kids had no role to play when it came to decision making of any sorts… We blindly followed what we were told to and never questioned any decision… thinking that’s how it’s supposed to be. Whereas kids today have an opinion and their say in every matter they hear parents talking. They have intelligent and relevant questions about any particular situation that’s being discussed in their presence. Which of course is a revolution of some kind for me whose seen both the generations.


Today I feel so proud when I see a younger generation being able to talk about most of the things we discuss… My five year old was well aware of the Cricket World Cup series that was held this year… And that’s not all…he had all the relevant questions to ask that one could expect..Where was it held?, the time difference of day and night, the countries playing? and understood the game pretty well too. It felt great to see a five year old enjoy the game as much as any elder would do.

The other day I saw a bunch of kids discussing about US Presidents visit to India during Independence Day. Kids basic nature of wanting to learn something new every day and share along is nothing less than a genius.When it comes to sports and choosing their favourite players.. They know it all.. speaks of the clarity of their thoughts and minds.

In our times I still remember we were asked to read books to improve our general awareness and current affairs… Well that’s passé. Today awareness of happenings around is a part of learning each day.

When it comes to the most common question of..What do they want to become when they grow up
They have the answers ready at the tip of their tongues … Of course the credit goes to the exposure they get at such an early age of all kinds through media, televisions, newspapers and so on.

Children ask dozens of questions whole day long, while at play, while travelling, while watching tv, even when told a story… Anything that catches their attention.. They don’t wanna just let it go … Their ability to not give up until answered is like a hungry mind wanting to learn so much more.

This is the generation which has the potential plus the preferences so as to speak what interests them and what not. They can clearly differentiate their likes and dislikes. I still remember whenever we had a choice to pick from … I always got confused and went by what parents decided for me.. and it always felt right and convenient.

Starting from what clothes to wear, what to eat, what toys and presents to buy plus birthday themes and who to invite … The list is endless but their choices are firm and they are well aware of their wants.

The most amazing was the Swacchata Abhiyan run by PM Mr. Modi … The celebrities did it for the cameras but our kids followed it with the true spirit and spoke of it openly and questioned fearlessly when saw someone not abiding by it.

A child’s viewpoint should never be disheartened or suppressed.. Let their ideas flow.. as restricting them would give birth to fear and failure, which are the biggest obstacles on the road to success.
Give them a chance to do it their way, freedom brings in peace and ability to perform the best…

Questioning is the best form of learning… To be able to question correctly .. one must be able to comprehend and think beyond whats been told… It’s a clear indication that a child’s mind is curious and is eager to learn … Never set a limit to a learning.. It’s always hungry for more.

They have the courage, they have the brains, they have the voice… All we as parents and teachers need to do is …instill the values that can bring the real revolution in our society in the times to come. We play the most vital role in exposing them to as much knowledge as we could and answer their queries appropriately for them to reason out and think differently.

They have the mind we need to feed them with knowledge, they have the ability to learn and grasp … We need to ensure we set the right examples, they have the dreams to make big… We need to let a helping hand for them to reach it.

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A National Hero In the Making

A National Hero In the Making

Every child is born with a dream in their eyes.. It’s for us to read their minds and watch their actions to help them realize their dreams… When I gave birth to a baby boy .. I knew my house is gonna be filled with cars, bikes, superheroes and so on..


When he was around two, we walked in to a toy store to buy someone a birthday gift.. That’s when my little one pointed towards a gun and insisted that he wants one .. I was little apprehensive thinking should I or should I not ? am I introducing my toddler to killings and violence.. Many such thoughts ran through my mind.. But eventually I gave in to his demand but what kept my satisfaction was the fact that .. He didn’t know its called a gun…


Next thing he asks me is to stop by on the road out of a sudden.. And to my surprise he wanted to say hi to the cops standing by the road side .. He called out loudly hi police and waved his hands.. Was lucky enough to get a respond as they smilingly waved him back… He was on the top of the world .. Jumping and laughing as if he has met his hero … Anyways ..

This time it was a fancy dress in school when he was in group1, I gave him as many choices as I could but he was damn sure he wanted to become a police, which wasn’t there on my list and insisted he wants the full police set. I was lucky enough to get one in his size after hopping from one shop to another. He was so thrilled to have one and just wanted to get back home as soon as he could .. Well I dressed him into it without any delay… He looked adorable and cute little police man ..


As I was ready to click some pictures, he said wait wait ran to the other room.. returned in a minute with his gun tucked in his pants… and his rescue operation was on the go.. Momma call me if you are in trouble .. Will put the bad guy in the locker and so on… It was a task getting him out of the dress until it started hurting him and finally agreed to take off just before bed time …

Soon after I visited my parents and he happened to see my dads uniform..from the time he had served in Indian Army. Last time when we visited them he had seen Nanu’s pictures in uniform but was too small to understand much.. But this time he was so fascinated by the look of his uniform, the cap, the boots that he wanted to wear it all.. Nanu happily entertained all his demands and questions … and shared his stories how they fought with the enemies to save their land … and encouraged his dreams by saying he can also become one .. if he eats well, stays fit and healthy..


That day and today.. Nothing has changed .. He lives his dreams through his games, by sharing his made up stories with his friends, through his toys he collected later of an army soldier, an army tank, chopper and much more.. He looks so consumed in his thoughts when he watches an army soldier either in a movie, a photo in a magazine, newspapers.. Merely a mention of the word Army catches his attention instantly and one can see the glitter in his eyes, how his energy levels go up and he is ready to step into their shoes.

Independence Day was just not a holiday for him… he was so thrilled to go for a flag hosting with his army cap on which he brought from his Nanu’s house.. as he had to save his country from bad people who can attack us… His straight body posture with an excellent salute didn’t go unnoticed …. As he stood throughtout in the respect of the national anthem… Just as a real officer would do.

Today I realise that we have a Military Man in the making, who left me startled when I handed over a gun to him.. Least I knew it’s gonna act like a saviour for my baby’s dreams.. He feels so strong and fearless with a gun in his hands and keeps the courage to defeat the bad and the evil. Today’s kids know good from bad and will never choose a path until guided inappropriately. 

I am a proud daughter of an Army officer.. and I wish my little baby live his dream one day and make the whole country proud of his deeds. Here’s a true early starter trying to turn his aspirations into a reality and come out as a National Hero to make his mum and the world proud one day.

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Camera is the culprit

Camera is the culprit

Cinema has always been the most popular source of entertainment among adults, families and even for kids. In spite of being a great source of entertainment, it’s not very keenly recommended by parents when it comes to watching movies for kids.

I belong to a time and generation when we as kids accompanied our parents for films as an outing but were never encouraged to get fascinated about the whole idea of glamour, fashion and madness behind that reel cinema.

As kids, I still remember we were not freely exposed to film magazines, filthy songs and any other sort of resource that would lead our interest in the glamour world, plus we had so much to do in our times…that movies and films were merely an excitement for an outing and cold drinks.

But when I think of today…. cinema has taken over other sources of entertainment in a very big way..

It’s not just confined to the multiplexes or movie theaters but dozen of channels on TV telecast films all day long.
The ones which doesn’t show movies, show filthy songs with embarrassing videos & dirty lyrics. If that’s not enough there are advertisements adding to the repulsion with skimpy clothes and exposed body ads with some  really  stupid dialogues.

Somehow if we manage to skip TV, There are these Newspapers filled with full page movie ads showing skin, posing inappropriately or else filled with blood and violence. Even if you manage to ignore all the above…You can’t get so unlucky to miss that condom ad placed right where your eyes can never skip it.

These thoughts never crossed my mind or bothered me all these years of my life but since I am a mother now… I can’t turn a blind eye to all that is happening around and let my kid grow before time.

When I hear a 4/5 yr old singing….sari night besharmi ki night and many such absurd songs…
 I literally feel how their parents allow them to watch and listen to such songs…?
Above all it feels so indecent to hear these dirty lyrics coming from kids of such young age, thankfully they don’t understand the meaning behind it yet.
Many parents think otherwise that more we keep them away or restrict them from all this more they would get attracted to it, So they let them watch anything and everything that the idiot box has to offer …. Be it Saas bahu serials, item numbers, movie trailers full of violence & bad words and other stuff without giving a second thought.
Now its up to the parents to decide what they think is good or bad for their kids… Well, In that case the safest bet is to limit their TV viewing only to kids channels.

However it changed my mind when I sat one day with him to realize… Bheem being all kids hero only loves to fight and is aggressive all the time. They are all shown saving the princess …so now when ever I have a girl who comes to play with my son she has to be a princess in trouble and helpless …so Bheem comes and save her.

Heights of all was…. the day I heard this advertisement and thought my son might have changed the channel but to realize later it ran on kids channel made no sense to me ( a women wearing deep neck blouse being called hot by his father in law) My kid relates hot with weather.

I really fail to understand, why are kids exposed to things or dialogues not appropriate for their age… ?
Why are serial and movie promos running on kids channels?

why are parents not given a choice of deciding whether they want their kids to show the movies or not ?

why obscene item numbers, lewd songs and clippings everywhere on TV?

Restrict it to one channel … people will have a choice to watch or not.

The full page movie ads in newspapers should be avoided in front pages. Hoardings and movie posters should be kept clean and watchable …. not lusty and vulgar..

On one hand we are feeding our kids with dirt, filth, vulgarity, obscene stuff through songs, movies, hoardings, magazines and newspapers.. On the other hand we are complaining of kids outgrowing their age and misbehaving, teasing and finally assaulting… 

I am not saying this is the sole reason behind all the mishappening in society but is definitely a very big reason of where our society is heading and the way future generation is being misled.

The other day my 5 year old asks me …why in all the movie posters boys always have a girlfriend ? Well I answered that for him but It won’t be surprising if he comes and says next …mamma I want a girlfriend too.

I am not against boys and girls being together …. In fact we need to instil the values of relationships in our children and how we all play important role in every ones life .. but why make it obscene and present… There are healthy ways of letting kids know that two ppl love and care about each other like their parents do.

The girl boy relationship should not be a taboo…that is seen or projected as a shameful thing.

For all those who think i am being over protective … must understand there is always a choice of exposing your kids to every thruth in a healthy manner and at a right age….

Camera is the culprit… because it focuses at the wrong places and provides an element to pollute innocent minds. The dialogues and the lyrics should be for enjoyment but not to dilute our thoughts. Many think its just fun and they see and forget at this age .. should remember at this tender age kids learn more from what they see and hear … And whatever they are exposed to leaves an imprint on their minds.

Worst is even in video games and cartoons… Girls are projected with divulging breasts and as a piece of object to gather attention…where is the need to make these little minds curious of women’s body and think of them as some glamorous object ?

why can’t girls or women be projected like a normal human being …and how they look in real world ? 

we must always remember kids understand more than we think they would … And it’s our responsibility to feed them with values, morals, respect and equality.

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