A classic tale of love and romance marked beautifully by its own rustic old school charm. The book is a romantic fiction with a clear mix of love, betrayal, suspense and drama with an interesting end. As the name suggests “Unns”- the captivation, it does keeps you on the edge with twists and turns that are just unpredictable. The book takes you through the different stages of love in a very unique way that was a complete new experience for me as a reader.

Main Characters

Atharva, the protagonist is a sharp, intelligent and a matured boy who falls for Meher during Adolescence. The perfect combination of intelligence, grounded by values and emotions is my favourite character in the book.

Meher, a bold and a strong headed girl with great personality finds her lover in Atharva who was equally fond of her intelligence and beauty.

Professor Miyaz, Dev and Vasu are the other important characters among others who take the story forward as a part for the Raw mission and further on.


Love strikes them during adolescence and the lovebirds Atharva and Meher starts  spending most part of their lives together. However it didn’t last long. Soon they were separated as Meher decides to go by their parents wish who were against their relationship. Meher breaks all her contacts with Atharva and leaves the country with her parents. The whole episode leaves Atharva shattered and heartbroken who was genuinely in love with Meher and dreamt of spending his whole life with her.

Fifteen years later, Destiny brings them together once again. Atharva Rathod a RAW agent meets Meher Qasim during one of his assignments in Germany. Atharva’s love for Meher hadn’t changed a
bit … he had lived all those memories from the past in last fifteen years and his love for Meher was still as fresh as it was… When life gave him another chance to win his love after so many years, he couldn’t let it go.

They discover everything about each other that had happened in past years… Meher’s heartfelt apology for walking away from his life years back strengthened the bond that they shared during school days. Just when Atharva thought he is on the verge of getting the love of his life back … something happens that changes the course of the story. … Do they unite and live happily ever after ? Or life has its own plans ? Read to find this captivating tale of love and emotions while they meet and depart due to circumstances .


Unns- the Captivation” is a beautifully written tale of love and betrayal. Being just the second book of the author, I felt the book is a perfect combination of romance, drama, suspense that offers its readers a thrilling experience. The cover of the book is very well designed by Ajitabha Bose. I personally felt the cover is very captivating and catches readers attention immediately. The name of the chapters got me confused initially, However after reading the book it made complete sense and felt appropriate. The seven stages of love got me thinking too.. I had never heard of those stages but after reading the book, I liked the writers approach towards the in depth emotions of love and its way of expression.

The only thing that confused me about this story was the vague endings and the beginnings of the scenes. Few grammatical glitches could have been avoided looking at the good language of the book. Author has tried to bring an effect of a cinema through his narration however it fails to express the desired result especially while narrating the Raw mission.

Overall, it’s a great story for anyone who likes romantic thrillers and contemporary fiction. It will definitely make for a great read for youngsters, couples or anyone who believes in love.

Quotes from the book 

“If the intent is right, why waste time thinking about the consequences.”

“You have been the summary of my entire existence; my biggest weakness, my greatest strength. The weathers of my life start and end with you. You complete me.”

“Sometimes, it’s worth living the dreams, tasks, hopes or ambitions of the people you love, however unjustifiable or stupid they may sound. Sometimes, it’s worth completing what they stood up for. That is the best gift you can give to the people you love.”

“That girl who doesn’t even understand my language properly, understands my heart, but the one who should, doesn’t even try”

“I never thought of a future without you. That was the reason I always lived in the present, hoping I would find you someday.”

About the author

The book is authored by Sapan Saxena who is a software engineer by profession and an author by choice. Sapan started writing while his engineering days and penned a fictional story. Unns the captivation is his second attempt of writing fiction. Originally from the city of nawabs, Lucknow, He is currently based in Hampshire and is an acclaimed author of the book Finders, Keepers. The book Unns the captivation is published by Inspire India.

I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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