Finding Juliet” is a realistic fiction that identifies with the lives of youngsters in modern times. The genre of the book is a mix of romance and erotica. The story looks inspired by the no strings attached kind of relationships that doesn’t carry any emotional baggage and is merely a series of sex encounters.

Main Characters

Arjun is an incredibly nice guy and believes in true love. However after three heartbreaking encounters he starts to lose faith in love and considers himself the biggest loser.

Krish, a flamboyant in nature and a rockstar enters Arjun’s life as a saviour and gradually becomes his only well wisher, a guiding source and eventually a best friend.

Anjali is another very important character in the story who is Arjun’s childhood friend and always stands by him no matter what.


Finding Juliet is a story of a simple boy Arjun who lives in Hyderabad. Like any other guy he enjoys the attention from girls but wasn’t an expert when it came to winning their hearts. He befriends girls, and just when he thinks everything is going great in his life and he has found the true love… his heart breaks and he goes through the misery of being left alone, sad and broken.

Soon after, another tragedy hits him hard and he is left with no choice but to leave the city and his past behind to try his luck in Bangalore.

Krish, a good looking flirtatious kinda guy meets Arjun at work and understands his plight. Krish is no less than a love guru and understands what women want! The questions that’s been haunting Arjun all this while regarding his break ups gets answered and Arjun’s outlook towards women and relationships changes. He transforms from a geek to a handsome hunk in town with a changed personality and boosting confidence.

The new lifestyle, attention and fame gives him a big high and he is all set to rock the world of his romance and fulfill his desires with a new outlook.

Life was treating Arjun well! just the way he wanted….. right then a hard-hitting reality smack him in the face and life takes a 360 degree turn…. making him feel like a scumbag once again..What happens next is a mystery?

Does he Jeopardise his life for lust or gets lucky to find his true love ?


I must admit “Don’t judge the book by its cover” doesn’t hold true for “Finding Juliet” . The book has a nice colourful and catchy cover that sends a happy and positive vibe about the story. In fact I decided to read it at the very first instant I saw the cover.

The story line is good and pretty much justifies the characters that comes along as it progresses. Author writes through a perspective of young and vulnerable who gets in the journey of love and lust at a age when love is difficult to find and lust is purely enticing, however he ends the book with a message for youngsters to realise the secret to happiness lies in fulfilling the soul not ego.

The narration of the scenes and the pace of the story is good to keep the readers engaged…. However I felt the author goes a little over board with the sex escapades and the repetitive description of girls in stereotypical manner got me bored after a while.

Finding Juliet is an entertaining book for young readers looking for romance. For someone like me who likes romance with substance, the book didn’t really had much to offer. I failed to connect with the characters personally. The authors pre conceived notions of girls and and few statements like  ” women, if dealt with deftly can be your greatest source of pleasure” were a put off. The writing style is simple and will make for a good read for youngsters looking for a mix of soft romance, friendship and lust that is very much relatable at their age.

Quotes & One liners from the book

* Problems in your life are like the weights in the gym. You can either get weighed down by them or turn them to your advantage and become stronger.

* I am fine is the most popular lie ever told.

* Of all the lies she told me, “I love you was the sweetest”.

About an Author 

Toffee a.k.a. Taufeeq Ahmed is another Engineer turned Author whose debut book was “An Idiot, Placement IntervYou”. He loves narrating interesting stories with subtle insights. Currently he is pursuing his Masters in Business Analytics from the University of South Florida. His passion for writing lies in heart warming stories that touches people’s lives. “Finding Juliet” is his second book written especially for India’s Y generation and is published by Srishti Publishers.

‘ I received a copy from Writersmelon  in exchange for an honest and unbiased review ‘

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