Parenting has evolved over the years. The way we were raised by our parents is not the same anymore to today’s parents. However the anxiety and fear of a first time mothers still remains the same. The only difference one can see is …. earlier kids were born in joint families with each member involved in the upbringing of the child with some role to play whereas today kids are born entirely in the presence of mother, father and a doctor. Long before the joy of a new born sinks in… the clueless mother is already burdened with the fear of what to do and how to do?

To address all the worries of a first time mom and dads, Johnson & Johnson chose to go digital in order to provide instant solutions to todays parents by bridging in the gap of few generations that lies with our parents and grandparents.

Johnson & Johnson have always acted as a shield to protect babies and has been there as a promising brand for decades. They have always tried to come up with better than the best and have been innovative in their search for products related to babies.

The latest feather in the cap was added by a recent launch of their You Tube channel that serves as a hands on guide for new parents. Here’s the link for all the new moms on the block to subscribe and say goodbye to all their worries and sleepless nights.

The launch took place few weeks back and was a celebrity studded event with the panel of experts who shared the stage and contributed in their own way to make parenting and motherhood a less taxing affair for new mothers and eventually turning the whole experience of raising a baby much more relaxing and fun.

The event kickstarted with Ganesh Bangalore, J&J all Indian head, who shared Johnsons vision for Best for Babies and how it would make parenthood an enjoyable experience for both first time mums and dads.

The You Tube India Head, Satya Raghavan focused on the need of reliable and good content to make life easier for todays generation of parents. Many of us aren’t lucky enough to have our parents or in laws to help us with their experience in the hour of need. Many a times we are loaded with too much information from friends and relatives and it adds on to our worries as we aren’t sure which one to rely on. According to him a you tube content by a reliable source would help resolve many such confusions and would give a practical solution through visuals to our babies day today needs.

Cynosure of all eyes was the ravishing Lara dutta, a popular Bollywood celebrity who unveiled the You Tube Chanel with a lovely video of a first time mum sharing her challenges of raising a new born. Lara’s experience of motherhood wasn’t any easier irrespective of her celebrity status. She took us through her journey of raising her 4yr old daughter that was no less than a roller coaster ride.

Dr. Indu khosla, a renowned pediatrician and past President IAP, Mumbai shared her days of motherhood and how it was tacky at times to be a mother first and not a doctor. She brought to light some major issues thats on a rise among today’s kids with changing lifestyle and working parents. Lack of sleep and screen time for as young as 2 yrs are causing major hinderance in children’s growth and social skills. She insisted “striking a balance” is the need of the hour for parents.

Ruchita Dhar Shah, the founder of FMC pointed out it takes a village to raise a child and it’s time we take the pressure off the moms. Mothers are always being judged irrespective of their best efforts. We need not just fathers but the whole family to come forward and do that extra bit to ensure healthy parenting.

The Co- founder of Mycity4kids, Prashant Sinha rightly said now a days the role of a father has gone beyond what was expected few years back and in today’s times most fathers are actively involved in raising a child when it comes to parenting including himself.

Naiyya Saggi, Baby Chakra Founder also shared her views on how parenting is evolving with changing times and a step like a Chanel launch by J&J can bring in a big difference to every parents experience.

It was a pleasure to have been invited to an awesome event by one of the biggest online parenting platform mycity4kids that has always gone an extra mile to give its readers a vivid experience through their blogs.

I walked back home with an enriching experience, fond memories of motherhood that brought back some of my own experiences along with an awesome gift hamper for my little one to get pampered by J&J.


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