That moment is still fresh in my mind when my heart skipped a beat, I jumped with joy and wanted to shout out loud and tell the world and most importantly my partner in crime. I looked twice, thrice just to ensure I wasn’t dreaming and rushed out, calling my husband to believe what I saw was right.

Yeah this was the day when those pink lines brought me immense joy and happiness and I started counting days. The feeling can’t be expressed in words. It’s the most wonderful memory of my life and even beautiful is the journey that began and went on for the next 9 months when my bundle of joy arrived.

Becoming a #FirstTimeMom can be an emotionally intense experience. No matter how much you prepare for motherhood, it comes with its own set of surprises and horrors.

I still remember from the day we broke the news to close family members and friends, there were innumerable advices that came our way and left us confused.

We already had a huge list ready and we shopped for almost everything that we dreamed of. Having a first child is overwhelming and just like any other first time parent we too got caught up in the world of advertising and bought everything possibly we could, to prepare for our first baby. But the doubt of ‘am I doing it right ?’ kept popping in my mind from time to time.

Motherhood comes with its own set of challenges. While I was still trying to get through one at a time, a few weeks down the line and I had to get my little bundle of joy treated for his rashes. Those few days were highly stressing to see my lil child go through pain.

I realised in the midst of doing everything right, I went wrong with the choice of wipes I used then. As a new mum, I was clueless that something as tiny a wipe can have a big impact on my baby’s sensitive skin.

So sometime back when I heard of first-time water wipes by mothersparsh, I just wished if they were born a few years back my first time experience with first-time water wipes would have made my motherhood journey more wonderful.

Newborns are needed to be wiped almost every hour. In order to keep their skin clean and germfree, we often rely on wet wipes as it’s comparative hassle free. Wipes with any kind of chemicals can disrupt the sensitive skin of a baby and cause skin irritation leading to rashes, dryness, redness and more.

Thanks to Mothersparsh for innovating India’s first water wipes that are made of 100% plant fabric and contains 98% water. These wipes are free of alcohol, paraben or polyester that are the main culprits of skin irritation. Clinically proven, these 100% biodegradable wipes feels soft like cotton on your baby’s skin keeping them smooth and silky.

Now you can never go wrong with the choice of bottom wipes for your Lil babies and give them the experience they desire at this tender age.








*The blogpost is sponsored by Mothersparsh, India’s first water wipes brand.

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