Motherhood can be tricky and exhausting especially for new moms who are yet to learn the tricks of the trade. Yes, raising a baby constantly puts you in a place where you are questioning yourself if you are doing it right.

Lack of information on the right product for babies can worsen your experience of raising a new born. One such instance I can talk of from my motherhood experience is when I saw my baby suffer of the diaper rash. I still remember the first time when I spotted a red swollen rash on my baby’s bum. And it gets even worse when you treat it with a wrong product. I remember using a baby talc all over his bottoms and thighs thinking it will keep the area dry and the rash with disappear.

To my surprise, the rash spread all over the diaper area and became worse by the day. And as a mother it’s the most heart-breaking thing to see your little baby cry of pain. I couldn’t but blame myself for not being able to treat it well before time.

I am sure many of us mums out there struggle to find the best baby diaper rash cream for their babies that can protect their babies skin from rashes and also heals the faster.Before we get to the solution of a problem, let’s understand the root cause.

What is diaper rash?
A skin irritation caused at the bottoms usually anywhere in the diaper area, that might appear as a small rash or red patch on the skin at the beginning but worsens and takes form of blisters if not treated well in time. You can look out for these rashes on the buttocks, under thighs and around the torso.

What causes diaper rash?
There could be several reasons other than the fact that baby’s skin is super sensitive and is prone to any kind of skin infections. The fact that it’s referred to as diaper rash itself states its main cause. Newborn babies live in diapers be it disposable or cloth diapers. Inspite of all the care taken by diaper companies, the baby’s skin is never 100 percent dry. The moisture and wetness of urine and potty are good enough reasons for a baby’s irritated skin.

Chemicals used in the diapers could also be a major cause of skin infection causing rashes. Some disposable diapers use dyes and perfumes other than chemicals which is again harmful to baby skin.

Cloth diaper is a better option to avoid such chemical reactions with the baby skin, however sometimes negligence on the cleaning part of cloth diapers can cause skin reaction too. Also an extra care is required to be taken while using the detergent as it can harm the baby’s skin as much.

How to treat diaper rash?
The first thing after identifying the diaper rash is to treat it correctly. People often make a mistake of buying creams over the counters and applying. This may worsen the condition and a simple rash might turn into a painful infection that would require even more care and time to heal.

There are several products doing the rounds in the market. With the availability of so many different creams it’s tough to pick the right one for your baby.

Newly Launched Caladryl Diaper Cream

Here’s introducing you to CALADRYL diaper cream by Piramal health care. Caladryl has already made its mark for treating skin allergies in children and babies. Caladryl is the market leader in the anti-allergy and anti-itch topical application segment. It is India’s most trusted and prescribed lotion for any kind of skin allergies and works wonders not just for kids but adults too.

The newly launched Caladryl diaper cream for diaper rashes comes with the same expertise as the mother brand. Caladryl Diaper Cream is here to bust the myth that “diaper rash creams need to get absorbed by the skin”. As per the experts “Unlike a moisturising cream which gets absorbed, a diaper rash cream needs to form a protective layer on the skin to work effectively”.

This uniquely formulated cream has the properties of an anti-allergy and provides fast relief and rapid healing to babies from diaper rashes.

Why Caladryl diaper cream ?
1) Unlike conventional diaper creams, Caladryl diaper cream acts 2 times faster to protect and soothe baby’s skin from diaper rash.
2) It is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and is gentle on baby’s skin.
3) It contains zinc oxide, an ingredient which is approved by the US FDA as a skin protectant and is an ideal component for diaper cream.
4) Ingredients like olive oil and glycerin are mild on baby’s skin and helps sooth the skin faster while keeping it soft and supple.
5) Unlike a moisturising cream, Caladryl diaper cream is specifically formulated to be a thicker cream that forms a protective layer on the skin and blocks out the wetness from urine that helps heal the rash faster.

My Review
I completely rely on Caladryl for any sort of skin allergies be it for my child or myself. The years of experience with the mother brand has my trust and I would not think even twice before I recommend this outstanding formula to my well wishers for baby skin. The fact that it comes from a reputed brand that’s been tried and tested for ages gives this product a big thumbs up.

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