Life is a series of challenges filled with surprises.. And that’s what makes life interesting. One of the biggest challenges could also be bringing up our children who are closest to our hearts and means the world to us… It can be an out of the world experience for many whereas many would have their world upside down with lack of patience n perseverance ….

Parenting is not a piece of cake, it’s definitely a challenge that one has to accept once you are blessed with a child. Once a baby is born we long for the days when the challenge gets little lesser… Maybe once the baby turns 2 or another year or once they start schooling and so on….

And then comes the time when just schooling is not enough and we start engaging them into different  hobby classes, sports, activities and so on …

How many of you think its in the best interest of the child? 

Are we trying to brighten their future by indulging them in these classes or are we pushing them to make space for ourselves??

I agree, many a times even parents don’t have a choice but to keep the kid engaged in order to keep them away from
the other threats they might have in their absence.

However the question is how much is too much …..??

The school holidays turn out to be the craziest days to deal with …when parents run out of ideas to keep the kids busy.

Thanks to these workshops during holidays….though many find it a waste of money .. A large number would crave for it to start.. ..To be honest all it takes is money but at  least it can take away the stress of dealing with the kid whole day long….that’s too much to handle for many parents.

Well I am not trying to make parents feel guilty of the fact above …..but the truth is whether you agree or you don’t ….you are taking away the best days of your kids life and of course yours too.

I sometimes wonder, as kids grow they will have no choice but to join the rat race of handling responsibilities, proving their grades, finding jobs and so on…

This is the time when we have a choice to give them the freedom of going with their own pace, encourage playful learning, allow them to make mistakes and discipline them by being a role model. The days sans worries, tensions, far from day today rush with just love and affection surrounding them.

Isn’t that how childhood supposed to be ??

It’s not surprising to see kids lacking bond with their parents and grandparents ….

Are we to blame them for this lack of attachment ?
I wouldn’t …I personally feel its us who are making them feel distant by not being emotionally available to them when they need us the most..

Two great things you can give your children: One is roots, the other is wings. 

Childhood needs to be nurtured with love, care and devotion. Parents it is a sacrifice worth making!

*To a child love is spelled as T I M E*


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