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Hi! Thank you for being here. Here’s a peek into my beautiful world. I am Manjusha a mom, a corporate professional with an experience of over a decade in various sectors including hospitality and aviation industry. An army Officer’s daughter, A Soft Skills (Personality Development) training expert, married to a movie buff and raising a handsome little guy gives me all the thrill and excitement I can ask for in my life.

Mommysdayout is born out of my passion that I discovered after motherhood. Being a first time mum can be a stressful experience but with the hands on husband like mine made my journey a little less than a roller coaster ride and I experienced some of the most wonderful moments as a mother.

My life took a 360 degrees turn after motherhood and helped me discover new aspect each day through my parenting journey. Other than a chilled out mum who believes in free childhood I am also a fashion enthusiast who loves to keep up with the trend and set my own benchmarks when it comes to styling.

Mommysdayout is a parenting and lifestyle blog in which, You would get to read about my parenting journey, my strongly expressed views on different aspects of parenting and kids. The product reviews related to kids and mothers that will help you choose the best. A sneak peek into the events, brand launches and the first hand information on the products that are about to hit the market.

So, let’s get started and enjoy the journey of a mother, a women, a fashionista who believes in living life queen size with mommysdayout.

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Everything I write comes from the heart.
Eat Right Grow Right

Eat Right Grow Right

It’s not easy being a mother especially when you have a fussy eater. The initial few years were a complete struggle with my toddler who would just refuse to eat almost everything. Force-feeding never worked for us as he would vomit it all out just after a few bites....