As a mother, keeping my family hale and hearty is the priority that I choose over everything else. Falling sick and succumbing to illnesses can take away all the fun and laughter that a family looks forward to enjoying together. 
Another thing that can be highly annoying and spoil the moment is mosquito bites. For some, these might be just a little insect with wings but for us it has always been a topic of concern. A single mosquito in the room can be quite frightening especially for my husband and son who are more prone to insect bites. From the time I have had my baby, even a sight of a mosquito around him would get me worried. Inspite of trying everything possible I would feel helpless when I would find red, sore and swollen bumps of mosquito bites over his body.
Protecting him against other illnesses like seasonal flu, cold & cough was still manageable but protecting him from mosquito bites came as the biggest challenge to me.
Moreover, with the mosquito borne deseases on the rise, its although more important to escape ourselves from getting bitten by mosquitoes that can cause much more harm than expected by transferring various viruses in our blood stream. Earlier we would fear mosquito bites only duringtheevenings, however with the deadly diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya, any amount of mosquito prevention isn’t enough.
Staying indoors is never an option when they grow up a little and are on the move constantly. Moreover, children need to step outdoors into the fresh air for their physical growth and development. I would fear sending him outdoors as each time he would return with a big swollen itchy spot on his forehead, cheeks, hands and legs that would worsen the very next day and turn into painful blisters.
Over the years of experience I realised awareness is the key. There are many ppl who aren’t even aware of the facts that lead to mosquito breeding sites. For some it’s not even a cause of concern but at the same time there are many who dread the mosquito bites and its effects that can lead to life threatening diseases.
Taking the right preventive measures can go a long way when it comes to reducing the existence of this flying bug that can lead to most dreadful diseases than just itchy bites. The most effective way of dealing with mosquito problems is by preventing it from breeding. Here’s the to do list that will help reduce mosquitoes.
Checklist to Mosquito Prevention
    1. Keeping the surroundings clean and dry must be the priority as they breed in moist weather and places.
    1. Regular spraying and fogging of insecticides in and around the society will lead in reducing their number.
    1. Timely trimming of grass, weeds and bushes in the parks and surroundings can help reduce the mosquitoes.
    1. Getting rid of unused bins, bottles, pots etc that can collect water and make for the breeding spot for mosquitoes. 
    1. Avoiding standing water sites and leakages that can lead to water accumulation.
    1. Draining, covering and changing water more frequently can help us avoid mosquito breeding.
    1. Ensuring the doors, windows and other openings in the house are well shielded with net and screens to avoid their entry in the house.
  1. Also planting few herbs and mosquito-repelling flowers like peppermint, basil, rosemary, Marigold, garlic can keep mosquitoes away.
With above preventive measures the problems related to Mosquitoes can be dealt with to a great extent. However few habits that’s a part of our lifestyle now plays an important role in preventing mosquito bites for our family either indoors or during travel.
Checklist of habits to prevent mosquito bites
    1. Wearing light coloured and loose clothing that covers the most part of the body is a great way to prevent ourselves from mosquito bites.
    1. Staying indoors as much as possible especially during dawn and dusk is another way to avoid mosquitoes. As they prefer to feed at this time and for few hours after dark.
    1. Use of mosquito net while sleeping and window screens can be another way to keep us from mosquito bites.
    1. Avoid scented cosmetics and bathing products as it hasa fragrance that attracts mosquitoes leading to itchy and infectious bites.
  1. And the most importantly, Use mosquito repellent that’s safe and does not have side effects on the body. 
Now that we know the different ways of preventing mosquito bites, It’s important that we choose the mosquito repellent that’s safe yet effective for our family. 
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